TH: First off can we get a little intro for people who may not be familiar? 

Brenda: Name: Brenda Gomez, Hometown: Long Beach, CA, Age: 27, Occupation: Hairstylist

TH: What kind of camera do you use for your Instagram Photos?

Brenda: iPhone 5 

TH: You are one of the more popular women in the sneaker community both on Instagram and Twitter. What would you attribute all of that love to?

Brenda:  I talk to tons of people everyday. The love for sneakers and the fact that I interact with them I wouldnt call them fans but people that have the same interest as me. It's kind of crazy apparently having lots of followers means your stuck up lol. I'm just a regualr person. Its dope to hear "I thought you were a bleep until I met you in person lol your actually really outgoing."

TH: What is a misconception about you that always gets under your skin?

Brenda: You wear sneakers for attention :/ it's annoying. I was actually a tom boy growing up I likes sneakers cause I felt comfortable. Tees, Jeans and Sneakers... other girls were into make up and I likes shoes lol. 

TH: What advice would you give to all of the female sneakerheads out there that look up to you?

Brenda: Wear what you like not what everyone else thinks is cool.

TH: Name your top 5 sneakers of all time.

Brenda: Jordan XI Space Jam, Jordan VII Bordeaux, Jordan XIII Altitudes, Dunk SB Mama Bears and Dunk SB Tiffany's.
TH: What would you consider the ugliest sneaker of all time?

BrendaJordan XX. I just dont know lol there weird looking. Just my opinion though

TH: If you had to choose between your love of sneakers or fashion which one would you say wins out?

Brenda: Sneakers for sure. You can rock plain clothing and sneakers will make anything stand out.

TH: Name the one thing you love the most and hate the most about the sneaker game.

Brenda: I love the fact that you meet new people and share the love of the game especially older heads you can go back and say "oh yeah I remember when those dropped". I dislike that the sneaker game is more of a hustle now with resellers killing the game.

TH: Whats your number one biggest guilty pleasure?

Brenda: I love eating, I'm the biggest foodie ever :)

TH: What is your biggest influence when it comes to your style?

Brenda: Instagram of course. So many different types of people, I get inspired daily.

TH: Of all the current trends out there what is the one that you cant stand the most?

Brenda: Those shirt dresses men wear. Only Yeezus can pull that off.

TH: Any last words? Where can everyone find you on social media?

Brenda: Thanks for giving me this opportunity and letting me share a little bit of my life ;D , I'm not that hard to find:



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