THFirst off can we get a little intro for people who may not be familiar? Name, Hometown, Age, Occupation, What kind of camera do you use for your Instagram Photos?

Morgan: What's up everyone my name is Morgan Otani, Im 21 years old born and raised in Los Angeles, Ca. I'm currently a full time college student still undecided on my major. My current photography set up is a Canon T3i with different lenses. 50mm for shoes and a 10mm for landscapes and even sometimes kicks!

THA lot of people have dope sneakers on Instagram but you have that hard to find balance of a serious sneaker game and a true talent for photography. Have you always been into the photography?

MorganIt's funny that you ask that question, I remember when I was younger and my family would go on vacation id always have a disposable camera and id always take pictures of where we were or i'd want to take a picture of my parents for them, I guess you can say I've always has a thing for photography but it wasn't until about 7-8 months ago when I got my DSLR and it totally opened my eyes to a whole new outlook of photography. Of course taking pictures of my sneakers is great always getting that sweet shot that you know the people will enjoy feels great, but I get the same feeling when I snap a quick shot of the clouds above my house, or even the most random things! The thing I love most about photography is that you can express the way you see something. In your eyes you'll see it totally different than the next person to walk by and take their own picture. It's just very pleasing to know that the people enjoy my photography!

THYou seem to be primarily into Nike Basketball as of late but you still manage to have a very reverse array of sneakers. What are some of favorite recent releases of this year?

Morgan: Yes I love the Nike basketball line, of course there are a few jordans that I love but overall I'd take nike basketball all day. The quality of the Jordan retros that have been coming out just don't seem worth it to me anymore. Creasing, paint chipping, and cracking is all I need to say. I wear every single pair of kicks I have whether its rare or not. I've had friends who rock Jordans tell me how their pairs crack after 1 wear! I personally just cant mess with that. Some of the best releases I've seen this year overall, I personally haven't copped much to be honest. I went back and hunted down a few older things I needed haha. but I I'm looking forward to seeing more colorways of the LeBron 11 though! I check out the Nike ID and I see a lot of potential through it!

THName your top 5 sneakers of all time.

MorganTop 5 sneakers of all time... wow that's going to be tough! if I had to pick some off the top of my head it'd be primarily be from the nike basketball line, but there was a Jordan that popped in my head. id have to say 1.Kd IV Weatherman 2.LeBron 8 South Beach 3. Jordan 11 Columbia 4.Dr doom foam pros and 5. some people prolly wont know about these but Black melvins sb's have been on my list since highschool haha.

THWhat is the worst sneaker of all time?

Morgan: Worst sneaker of all time would have to be the dada's with the spinners... terrible just terrible!

THWhat's the best and worst thing about the sneaker world?

Morgan: The best things about the sneaker world is that you sometimes meet people who become really good friends! sharing a common interest, conversations can last hours, especially if you're at a campout! The time will pass by like nothing if you meet some good peeps! It's also fun! The happiness you feel when you find something for a steal, or you find a grail that you've felt like you had been looking for it forever. The worst thing about it is, it's always hard to trust people through shoes... people will sometimes do the outrageous for a pair of kicks. The hype is just out of control right now. I know i'm not an OG collector or anything, but I've been into shoes for years now. I still remember back in what 2007? when the aqua 8's dropped, they were sitting on the shelves at my local mall. I wanted them but I couldn't afford them! Now I go to my local mall and everything is a raffle now... It of course sucks but if its a release I need, shoe karma always helps me out haha.

THWhat is your definition of a sneakerhead and would you consider yourself one?

Morgan: My definition of a sneakerhead is basically, you buy what you like regardless if it's hyped or not. Others opinions shouldn't matter to you because they'll be on your feet. Too many people worry about if others will like their sneakers rather than if they really like the sneaker or not. It may sound ridiculous but its sadly true. People will do whatever it takes to "fit in" or be "cool". Would I consider myself a sneakerhead? in ways yes but in other ways lately I don't find myself trying to cop the releases I want. I put shoes aside for a few months to practice and learn my camera and lenses, But according to sneakers... I always buy what I like. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion of what's on my feet, but at the end of the day its all about if i'm happy with it. A shoe tons of people hate that i have is my pink foams. I always hear people say it's girly, or wack. Any breast cancer shoe holds sentimental value to me for personal reasons. Like I said, everyone is entitled to their opinion but I love that shoe. 

THWhat would you say influences your sneaker purchases the most? Specific player? Color? Comfort? Hype?

Morgan: There are always a lot of factors in buying kicks for me. LeBron is my favorite player currently, but I slowed down on copping Brons cause the retail price is breaking the bank! 200$ retail on the XI's is too much for me to be honest unless the colorway is worth it. I always have to like the colorway of the shoe to want it obviously. The thing about comfort on Nike Basketball is that they are basketball shoes so they will be stiff at the start but once you break them in... it's like heaven. In my opinion a release being "hyped" isn't a reason to buy it. its all about if you're feeling the colorway, if you like the model, and if you feel like you need that shoe in your collection. Don't fall just for the hype.

THName one thing you would like to see change most within the sneaker community.

Morgan: One thing id like to see change in the sneaker community would have to be... reselling! i wear a size 10-10.5 and i always see the most random person trying to resell my size! Its become such a hastle to get a release when i want it, it just grinds my gears haha. Reselling and "hyping" up shoes makes it a lot harder for the people who actually want the shoe to keep or rock. reselling is another reason i haven't really made the effort to go after current releases just cause if i strike out on nike.com or don't win the raffle i don't ever feel like paying resell value.

THAny final words to the people? 

Morgan: Hmmm... I guess all i can say is just have fun with it. buy what you like and want, don't let what others have or do make your decisions for you. Everyone has their own style and taste, that's what makes your collection stand out from others! 

Id also like to give a huge shoutout to @Nerdlikejazzy on instagram, shes always keeping it real since day one with my photography. She's also the queen over  at KicksOnFire so big shoutout to her! make sure you check out her page! another huge thanks to my guys @Rockemapparel, they always keep me fresh with the best custom apparel, mostly known for the killer custom elites! There are definitely more people i want to  thank but if it wasn't for those 2 i wouldn't have the following i do, definitely am blessed to have met amazing people through social media and hope to meet many more! definitely have a lot of upcoming things in the making so be ready everyone!

THWhere can the people get in touch with you on social media?

Morgan: Feel free to hit me up on Instagram i usually always reply to the comment unless im in class or busy. 

IG: @_ShoeZilla also hashtag all sneaker pics with #TeamShoeZilla so i can check em out!

Facebook just search Morgan Otani, i'm honestly the only 1 in the world i think!. and email is Shoezilla1021@hotmail.com

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