TH: First off can we get a little intro for people who aren’t familiar? Name, Age, Homebase & Occupation?

Jorge: My name is Jorge Martinez, better known as "Kream" ; I'm 17, living in Dallas, Tx. I've been an amateur photographer for some years now, hope to get my bachelors degree in both business and photography.

TH: You have a certain level of quality to your instagram pictures that nearly nobody can match. What kind of setup do you use for your shots?

Jorge: I use a very simple set up, Nikon D5100, and a shutter remote, a tripod at some points. As far as lenses I constantly go back and forth from a Nikkor 35mm and 50mm, both f/1.8G (I highly recommend those lenses for the people who do not have them and would like to get shots like mine.)

TH: What specific shoe sparked your love for sneakers?

Jorge: CDP XI/XII. If it wasn't for that pack I would not be where I'm at now sneaker wise. Those two shoes are what started it all for me.

TH: Name your top shoe/colorway from each of the following categories: Air Jordan, Nike Running, Lebrons & Nike Basketball.

Jorge: Jordan: DB IV's, Running: DB Free Runs II's, Lebrons: "Big Bang" IX's & Basketball: ASG "Galaxy" KD IV's

TH: If you could get rid of one thing in the sneaker culture that bothers you what would it be?

Jorge: Most people would say resellers, but me honestly what bothers me most is the people who ask others for their opinions on a shoe and go based off what they say. I could care less if somebody doesn't like what's on my feet, it's on my feet and not on theirs for a reason. People always tend to ask me what I think about a shoe and if they should get them, there's no need for that, if you like them that's all that matters. At the end of the day they're just shoes anyways.

TH: What has been your favorite release so far of 2013?

Jorge: 3Lab V's hands down. 

TH: What shoe are you most looking forward to releasing in the future?

Jorge: I always wanted to see a DB XI. I'm never disappointed when I see a DB shoe. The stories behind them always amaze me, and XI's being one of the shoes that started it all for me it would be a must cop for me.

TH: Out of all the shoes in your collection what shoe was the hardest to get and why?

Jorge: My size 7Men (not Youth) Columbia IV's. The size yet alone the shoe is pretty rare. All of my 99' first retros have been size 7M and wearable with original everything. These were so much harder to find, so as soon as I came across them on eBay I copped instantly.

TH: If you were a Nike executive for the day what shoe would you retro immediately?

Jorge: Italian Suede XXI's

TH: What’s your biggest guilty pleasure?

Jorge: Eating way more than most of my friends and still being skinnier than them.

TH: Any last words for the people out there?

Jorge: Just stay true and do you, don't buy anything just to impress people cause that isn't gonna get you far in life. Focus on your goals more than what you focus on shoes & regardless of what the situation is don't look back cause you'll soon be going that way.
Also like to thank the people who know who I am and show love. Again, I am humbled for this opportunity. 

TH: Where can everyone find you on social media and the net?

Instagram: @OGKream
Twitter/Kik: @KreamBitch
Facebook: Jorge Kream Martinez
Email: Kreaming@yahoo.com

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