TH: For the people who may not be familiar can we get a little intro? Name, Age, Hometown, Occupation, What kind of camera do you use for your Instagram photos?

B: My name is Bruce but most folks call me B. I'm 30 years old and I'm from Philadelphia. I work in the insurance industry. I primarily shoot with a Canon and my iPhone

: Being a pioneer in the sneaker game for all things genuine and real, explain your @fake_files Instagram feed.

B: The whole #Fakefiles movement started with a simple idea. I was in a sneaker group on Facebook and we would post pics of fakes sometimes to get a good laugh. So I said to myself I need to bring something like this to IG. It was all going to be just the hashtag but then my buddy Aaron approached me and said "Dude we have to make this a page". Fake_Files is all about getting a good laugh while also educating people about what fake shoes look like and how to spot them. In a way we've created a monster because some folks scream #Fakefiles on shoes that are real!

TH: Do you ever see an end to the fake and counterfeit sneaker problem that has seemed to just get bigger as the years have gone by?

B: Counterfeiting in general is a multimillion dollar business. With each release the fakes just seem to get better and better. There doesn't seem to be a way to stop them from being made. I don't see an end to it at all.

TH: How many years have you been in the sneaker culture and do you ever get tired of the game in general? if so why?

B: I've been in the game since I was 5 years old. Unlike some of these newer collectors I was born in the Jordan era. I bought my very own pair at 12 years old and fully supported my habit at the age of 14. I definitely have grown tired of the path the sneaker culture has taken. To many people are in it for the wrong reasons. I do it for the love and for some all they see are dollar signs. Some do it just cause its the "it" thing to do. The culture has gotten progressively worse over the years.

TH: Being a huge Lebron fan do you ever see him getting to the same level as Mr. Jordan?

B: I think Lebron is in a class of his own. The beauty of the game is in it's diversity. He's such a once in a generation type of player. He's able to do so many things well. Lebron, Kobe and Jordan are all great players. People need to let go of what MJ did 10-15 years ago and learn to appreciate the here and now! I don't get caught up in the "Who's better" debate.

TH: Who is in your top 5 either retired or currently playing in the league right now?

B: My top 5, Kobe, Magic, Oscar Robertson, MJ and Hakeem Olajuwon.

TH: Besides basketball sneakers are there any other types of shoes or sneakers that are on your radar?

B: Not really LoL! I'm a simple guy. I love Chucks and Nikes! For causal stuff I do wear Kenneth Cole, Steve Madden and a few others.

TH: Name your top 5 sneakers in order.

B: It's impossible for me to name a top 5! I have so many! LoL! I will however say that Jordan Playoff XII's are my all time favorites!

TH: What are your top 5 worst sneakers of all time?

B: That's a tough one. I absolutely hate Jordan II, X, XV, Reebok questions and Rosche Runs!

TH: Whats your biggest guilty pleasure or something people may be surprised your into?

B: It may not be a secret but I'm a huge video game fan. My collection of games and systems are just as extensive as my sneaker collection.

TH: How many sneakers do you currently own? And have you worn every pair?

B: Let's just say it's over 300! I like to keep that type of stuff close to the chest. I only show people what I want them to see. I haven't worn every pair. I have a lot of doubles and triples. I have some shoes that haven't seen the light of day In over 7 years.

TH: Name one thing you love the most and hate the most about the sneaker culture as it stands today.
B: What I love most is the relationships with people that I've built over the years. It's all about who you know! What I hate the most really can't be quantified Into words. I think there is such a lack of respect for each other. Just because a person didn't spend 2 Grand on one shoe or maybe they may be missing a few models doesn't make his/her collection any less impressive. We all have different reasons for collecting and those reasons should be respected.

TH: What do you miss most about the way things used to be back when you started collecting and buying sneakers?

B: I miss being able to get up on a Saturday afternoon and stroll to a sneaker spot around 3 or 4 to grab the release that came out earlier that day. Those days are over!

TH: Where can the people follow you on social media and any final words to the people out there?

B: Follow me on Instagram and Twitter. @iwearmykicks for both! 

Thank you so much for allowing me to share my thoughts with you! It's an honor and a privilege!

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