TH: First off for the people who may not be familiar can we get a little intro? Name, Age, Homebase, Occupation?

REE: Tyree Dillihay calmly known to most as R E E. Age: Grown Ass Man. Im from Inglewood, CA. I'm a director on Bob's Burgers and an Independent artist and content producer on various other projects.

TH: Bob’s Burgers is currently in season 4 and has been green lit for a season 5. How has it been working on the show and what’s the toughest part about working in primetime television?

REE: Working on Bob's Burgers is fun. I work directly with the creator and the writer of each episode Im casted to direct. I really enjoy the process of telling stories. It says director in my title but I really just consider myself a storyteller. I think the toughest part about primetime television is the process. There is constant RE-WRITING. I didnt understand that at first. But now, after 4 years, I get it. Everyone on the crew CARES about getting these characters RIGHT. And the only way to do that is to keep writing until you get what you want.

TH: When did you create the SNEADS series and did you expect it to blow up the way it has?

REE: I created SN'EADS around the time Space Jams came back out, December 09. Dropped the first one in like January or February. The 1st cartoon was gonna have Space Jams in it. But I changed it to foams cuz I had girls in the cartoon and I just wanted to see girls in Foams lol. I just wanted to make something that had nothing to do with artists and their approval. Visual Artists can be like underground rappers sometimes. They hate everything that doesnt fit within the parameters of their vision of what is "real" to them. I got tired of seeing that shit. Ive never been part of one school of thought because I never really adopted a style. I use numerous styles. Thats the way I stay gainfully employed. But, I just wanted to make something that made me feel like I did in high school when I showed my cartoons to my friends in class. Just inside jokes between friends. The friends this time are the entire sneaker community. And I speak strictly to them. To us.

Im not really surprised that sn'eads is known. In the first 3 years I kinda put out comics here and there...no consistency. But sometime last year or two, I just started going hard and putting out comics regularly and I found my voice. And my major supporters, TSG, Nice Kicks, Kicks On Fire, Sole Collector, Complex, they kept putting me out there because they liked it and the audience, according to the amount of likes, likes it too. The internet helps facilitate the virility of it. After 4 years of doing it, majors like Reebok, Adidas, Vans, and Complex Media have taken notice. Its nice ... But I havent done anything yet. Not the way I see it.

TH: SNEADS really seems like your outlet when it comes to the big issues and problems that go on in the sneaker community. Do you ever see things getting better in regards to some of the negative things we’ve seen become a real problem over the years? ie: Sneakerbots, Resellers, Hypebeasts, etc.

REE: Right now its just too many people into sneakers right now. I feel sorry for these kids today. EVERYTHING is a camp out now. Its not underground anymore. Its mainstream trend. When you got people like Hulk Hogan using sneakers for PR ... You know something is up. But thats what PR is. Put your face in places that generate buzz and hype. The reselling ... Dont get me started. Cats camping for $20-$50 max. All i can say is: get a real job. If youre not getting FSRs of quickstrikes, youre small time and wasting time. Go do something else. Sneakerbots ... Its built for the system they created. Start feeding the mom and pop stores again and bring back customer relations. Hypebeasting has been here forever and it'll be here forever because there will always be sheep. I'll just keep leading.

Sn'eads is my outlet for anything I want to say or talk shit about these days. Last week I voiced my disdain for Bitstrips. A few moths ago I made a comic called "Social Stripper" that comments on female self esteem and I swear it has to be the most non-credited reposted comic strip ever created! More than sn'eads! So really sn'eads is just a vehicle to communicate how I see the world. Sneakers are a big part but whenever I see something else...find a lil light...i'll share it. Thats really the point of the internet anyway...sharing.

TH: Being an artist if you could erase one thing from the sneaker world what would it be?

REE: Attitudes. Cats really be feeling extra because they got some heat for sale or in their closet. I like looking fresh but to have the audacity to believe you are greater than another human being because of the amount or supposed value of the leather and rubber on your feet or in "storage" is a sad state of mind. I would change the attitude that you are somebody because of what you have. I like my respect to come from what I do ... Not what I have.

TH: What was the first sneaker that really caught your eye and sparked your interest in sneakers?

REE: Air Jordan 3. Spike Lee as Mars Blackmon with Michael Jordan in black and white commercials. I was done for.

TH: What’s been your favorite release of the year so far for 2013?

REE: Reebok Classic x Mita collab.

TH: What shoe are you most looking forward to releasing in the future?

REE: Nothing in particular.

TH: Name your favorite shoe & colorway from each from of the following categories: Air Jordan, Lebron’s, Kobe’s, Nike SB, Nike Running.

REE: Black Cement 3s, Lebron 8 Sprite & 112, Kobe IV (any color to play ball in), Nike SB Supreme Collabs, Air Max 1 25th Anniversary Patta Collabs. Lets show love to other brands too... Reebok classics and workouts, Adidas superstars, puma suedes, lowtop Chucks, and Vans Authentic's.

TH: What’s your biggest guilty pleasure?

REE: Sneakers of course and Root Beer Floats!

TH: Any upcoming projects we can look for in the future that we should look out for?

REE: I'll announce when the ink is dry but 2014 looks sweeeet. Alright. Alright. alriiiiiiiight.

TH: Any last words for the people out there?

REE: Protect and Fight to make your dreams reality.

TH: Where can everyone find you on social media and on the web?

REE@sneadsbyree Twitter and Instagram


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