TrendHype - The most influential people in Streetwear - Interview with @Airlarr

TH: First things first, can we get a little intro? Name, Hometown, Age, Occupation, What kind of camera do you use for your Instagram Photos.

Lawrence: Lawrence Ashcraft (also known as Larry), Seattle, WA, 31 October 3rd (Libra!!), Medical Field. I post all of my photos with the iPhone 5 using either Camera+ or Snapseed. I don't use anything too crazy, definitely not a photographer!!

TH: How long have you been into the whole Streetwear/Menswear culture?

Lawrence: I've been into it as long as I can remember. I have photos of me when I was in elementary school wearing Jordans and Dee Brown Omni Lite pumps also idled Deon Sanders and Bo Jackson i had all their kicks growing up. I was obsessed with Starter jackets and the Raiders and Dodgers too, I always wore Dickies (sill do!!) and anything that had Los Angeles ties to them because they had the same initials as my name! lol (how cliche)! I always hung around older people than me growing up and was influenced by their
style, that was the beginning of my interest in up and coming trends.

TH: Name your top 5 current clothing brands out there.

Lawrence: My Top 5 brands for me personally are, Bape, hands down my favorite, nobody is touching some of the pieces they have right now. Very distinct style, in a league of their own. Nudie, nothing makes a outfit right unless you have some good denim. i own about 4-5 pairs of different Nudies. After i bought my first pair i was hooked. Supreme,  I have been into Preme for a while now, before the "hype" got to them. Love the collabs that they do with their product ever seasonal lookbook they put out is always impressive. I remember I used to contemplate on buying a jacket or a hat for a couple of weeks now its either "eat or be eaten" and pay resell! Marshall Artist, T
he quality of their pieces blow me away. Everything that they put out I love, the way they incorporate unique details weather its leather, or certain patches is crazy. My friend who managed a local shop i go to frequently hooked me to them and I'm never disappointed with their product. Naked and Famous, I'm a sucker for great Japanese Denim. People always ask me "what denim do you recommend?" my answer is always Naked and Famous or   Nudie. I don't have a problem paying premium for good Denim.

TH: You have a very diverse style, you can be seen wearing a Supreme hoodie, raw denim and Jordan's one day and then switch it up to some premium labels with some loafers. Have you always had a wide array of style choices?

Lawrence: My favorite TV show is "Seinfeld" and there was an episode when George was contemplating on what to pack clothing wise for his vacation. He mentioned he dresses on "Mood"! I laugh every time he says
that because thats how i dress. I don't want to put myself in a box saying that's my "distinct style" i love nothing more than wearing Jordans and some gold chains but don't get me wrong i can tie a double windsor with the best of them!! hahah. I love all fashion loafers, sneakers, suits and accessories. Some days I want to wear Sneakers and a Tshirt next day I might wear a Tuxedo for no reason!!!  

TH: looking back are there any sneaker or clothing pickups you regret?

Lawrence: I was in New York in the spring time one year and the humidity there is no joke! I ended up buying a pair of Toms and needless to say haven't bought a pair again!!! nothing like recycled polyester and cotton with no socks walking all through manhattan!! lol 

TH: You seem to be fairly heavy in the sneaker world as well. Would you say you are more into menswear or shoes?

Lawrence: Some days it varies. As of late I've been into more clothing items than the sneaker game. The shoe game seems a little tainted now that "resellers" are in full effect and its not as fun anymore going on a hunt for a sneaker. I really used to be collecting OGs (mostly jordans) but after completing my collection of OGs I've taken a break from it. I 
love the thrill of hunting down and sneaker, meeting new people and talking to them about the culture, thats the best.

TH: If you had to pick one sneaker and one clothing brand to wear every day what would it be?

Lawrence: White/Cement Jordan IVs and some Naked and Famous Denim. hands dowwnn!! Perfect combo - timeless and comfy! 

TH: Any up and coming brands you are on to that some others might not have caught onto yet?

Lawrence: I don't think Marshall Artist gets enough love, maybe I'm just biased towards them!!! hahaha but I really love their brand. Its all affordable too so its a win win situation! 
MOVR & SHKR is another one. They are a local clothing brand and lifestyle in Seattle. I don't promote or wear anything I don't like, seeing how much they have evolved is really impressive and unique. The Club - Another Seattle based brand that has really started to make a name for themselves. Their recent drop of "Luxury and Ignorance" tees is one of my favorites, also the Python Pocket tees are crazy. The creator behind this brand is really dope so be on the look out.   

TH: What is the one thing you think your style says most about your personality?

Lawrence: I would say unique, unpredictable and thoughtful! People that look at me from the outside more often then not get the wrong impression of me. Some would say I'm cocky or arrogant just by judging my appearance or demeanor. When you get to know
me, I'd like to think that I'm a thoughtful person or friend. More often than not I put my friends and family first and think of them before myself. A lot of my sneakers and clothes I give away to my friends and family just because all that stuff is replaceable but your friends and family aren't. Whats mine is more often than not yours when you are in my camp!!

TH: What other aspects in life influence your overall sense of style? Music? Sports?

Lawrence: Seasons I think really influence me a lot. I like to stock up on certain items during the summer whether its loafers, shorts and accessories. Or in the fall when I can bring out boots, layers and hoodies. ... Individuality its easy to look at a music video and mimic a certain style but having your own sense of what you like is most important. Creating your own diverse style and persona
lity is more gratifying as opposed to the same shirt 30 other people have on everyday. 

TH: I see you're a big Seattle Sonics fan. Do you have faith you will get another team in the near future? As a Sacramento Kings fan based in the capitol city I know how nasty things got over this past off season.

Lawrence: To be honest I'm kinda glad we didn't take the team away from Sacramento. Seattle went through the same situation and it hurt a lot of people not only the fans but people that where employed with in the sonics. You don't realize what you have until its gone. I miss the Sonics more then anything but Seattle has nobody to blame but themselves. Give it up to Kevin Johnson because he pulled off what Christine Gregoire couldn't do. I used to spend New Years eves at sonic games when nobody was at the games and now its gone. 

TH: Any final words for the readers out there? And where can they find you on social media?

LawrenceWear and express yourself however you want. Don't let anyone tell you "that shirt is ugly" or "your style is weird" nothing bothers me more then seeing kids with their shallow minded opinions making fun of someone else because of the clothes or shoes they wear. Some people are not as privileged as me or you to have the opportunity to own certain things in our lives. I think that goes back to my personality of me giving away a lot of my items to friends and family or even selling a lot of my shoes for really reasonable prices because I know there is a person out there that didn't get the opportunity to get them when they came out. Giving a opportunity to someone like that makes me more happy than making money off a used sneaker!! be yourself and be confident.

You can only find me on social media via the following:

Instagram : @airlarr
Solecollector/Iss : airlarr9
Bapetalk: Bapestalarry

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