TrendHype - The most influential people in Streetwear & Menswear - Interview with Makai Beaumont @makxai

TH: First off can we get a little intro for people who may not be familiar? Name, Hometown, Age, Occupation, What kind of camera do you use for your Instagram Photos?

Makai: My name is Makai Beaumont, i'm 23, i was born and raised in Christchurch, New Zealand but have been living in Sydney, Australia for the past 3 and a half years. I was in retail for a long time but recently made the move to trade work. The majority of my photos are taken and edited with my Samsung s3.

TH: Were you always into fashion and street wear even before you became a model or did that spark your interest in the culture?

Makai: I've always been really heavily into music which kind of goes hand in hand with fashion, so i think that really sparked my interest in the culture at a young age.
TH: Are you strictly into the streetwear side of fashion or do you also appreciate what would be considered "high fashion"? (LV, Gucci, Versace, etc

Makai: I definitely appreciate the more high end side of things aswel but it's about being versatile and mixing the two. The dynamic of being able to pair a $700 belt with a $15 plain tee is dope to me.

TH: What would you consider your number one influence in building your personal style?

Makai: The biggest influence i have when it comes to my style is the ability to be versatile, don't pigeon hole yourself into one particular style. Try new things, take risks! 

TH: I know your a real Carhartt fan. Besides Carhartt what are some other labels that you admire?

Makai: Yea i definitely mess with Carhartt alot especially in winter. VMULondon is another brand i just recently came up on which i think is dope. I've been wearing alot of plain basic hoodies/tees lately which AS colours are really good for.

TH: Your fairly heavy in the sneaker game as well from looking at your Instagram feed. Whats your current favorite sneaker and whats your go to shoe you could never be without?

Makai: I definitely wouldn't call myself a "Sneakerhead" but yea i have a few kicks... My current favorite shoe is my red '4th Of July' Air Max 90s. My go to shoe is a toss up between my wheat timbs or my black Vans Sk8 hi's, but i would have to go with the sk8 hi's just for the fact of how easy they are to wear with most outfits. Everybody should keep a pair in their stash! 

TH: Whats your biggest guilty pleasure?

Makai: My biggest guilty pleasure is the amount of unnecessary sh*t i buy which seemed like a 'good' idea at the time haha

TH: What is one accessory you cannot leave the house without?

Makai: A fitted cap.

TH: What would you say is the key to good style?

Makai: I think the key to good style is to try and be unique with everything you do and put your own twist on things. Wear the clothes, don't let the clothes wear you! 

TH: Are there any current trends out there that you wish would go away for good?

Makai: Yes, people need to immediately chill on the whole 'Leather Sweatpants' thing happening right now.

TH: Name one thing you love the most about the fashion/streetwear industry and the one the you hate the most?

Makai: It's kind of a catch 22 because i love the individuality that fashion creates in people but i hate the amount of clones it creates aswel, which is especially bad in the Streetwear scene these days.

TH: Any upcoming projects you have in the works that the people should be on the lookout?

Makai: Yeah, i'm working on my own brand RSDNTS at the moment so keep an eye out for that.

TH: Where can the people get in touch with you on social media and for work as well?

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