TrendHype - The most influential people in Streetwear & Menswear - Interview with Chris Aznar @MR_AZNAR

TH: First things first, can we get an intro? Name, Hometown, Age, Occupation, What kind of camera do you use for your Instagram Photos? 

CHRISChris Aznar, Toronto, 33, Rehabilitation Therapist working with the Brain Injury Population.  I mainly use my Galaxy S4, but also use my Fuji X20, and Sony NEX 7 from time to time.

TH: You really seem to have a great eye for that perfect one of a kind shot regardless of if its fashion, food or art. Have you always had that "eye" for photographic things in life?

CHRIS: Some may call it "that eye" for visual illustration.  And I don't know if I've always had it in me, but I do know that when I see good things, it puts my world in pause.  It cues me to become inspired and build concepts based on it.  I've never practice it.  I just rely on my visual perception.

TH: Your fashion game really is on another level and could be considered very hard to duplicate which is refreshing. What would you say is your number 1 influence when you pick out pieces for your closet?

CHRIS: I don't really have a number 1 influence when picking out pieces for my closet, as I think it will just put me in limitations.  Many people have this issue when it comes to style. What influences my closet game may come from music, art, cultural, and classic pieces, and even from how I currently feel at the moment.  I even get inspired from books I read.  I tend to find concept from one thing and try to apply it in another.  But if I had to pick one person, it would have to be my girlfriend.  Try looking at women's fashion if you are a male, and watch how versatile your mind develops. 

TH: Do you put a lot of effort into each outfit you choose or is it just second nature for you?

CHRIS: I realized that whenever I put a lot of effort into picking outfits, I tend to get (for the lack of a better word), a stylist's block. For the most part, I start with how I feel and go from the bottom and up.  It starts with shoes for me.

TH: You are really heavy in the accessories as well. Hats, glasses, bracelets and watches. Can you name some of your favorite brand from each category?

CHRIS: Hats: Norse Projects | Glasses: Moscot Originals | Bracelet: Mainsai | Watch: Luminox

TH: Besides fashion and photography what would you consider your greatest passion in life?

CHRIS: Besides, fashion and photography, I find my self in great peace with music.  I'm a local DJ in Toronto.  I spin mainly Deep House.  I do have to add another passion that is in the same level as music, and that is i study behavior.  I majored in Psychology, and to this day, I still study it for interest.  I'm particularly interested in Social Psychology.

TH: What's your biggest guilty pleasure?

CHRIS: Biggest guilty pleasure: Chips and my lady.

TH: Do you have a brand that some people might have not heard of that should get more love out there?
CHRIS: Yes, you'll find Swede n Crowe soon enough.  The friends hail from Africa.  Look out for them!

TH: How about some more well known labels? Whats you
r top 5 of all time?

CHRIS: Labels misconstrue people into thinking that labels equal good fashion sense.  I can probably cough up tons of "well known" labels, but I feel like I'm just label bombing.  With that said, I'm going to have to rephrase the question into top 5 labels that inspires me, that are more known labels.  I hope you don't mind.

Top 5 (not in particular order): Club Monaco, Barbour, Ralph Lauren, Redwing, Levis.

TH: When looking at your #outfitgrid pictures one saying comes to mind, Anything Goes. Do you have any boundaries when it comes to fashion or does that saying stick with you?

CHRIS: By now, you can probably tell that anything goes with me. When people criticize my outfitgrids like it doesn't match, too much color, too minimal etc, I just reply with "Have you won an outfitgrid yet?" "Have you seen anybody win 9 outfitgrids?".  People that follow "Fashion rules" will always stay behind and look like everybody else.  Trusting yourself and donning that style with confidence can go a long way.

TH: What would you say is the one thing you hate the most and love the most about the Streetwear/Fashion industry and culture?

CHRIS: What I hate the most about the streetwear/fashion industry and culture is that there aren't enough in Toronto.  What I
love about the streetwear/fashion industry and culture is that we all inspire each other in so many ways!

TH: Any last words for the people out there and where can they find you on social media?

CHRIS: Make your own style, don't copy, and find your daily inspirations.  Find me on IG and twitter @mr_aznar

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