TH: For the people who may not be familiar can we get a little intro? Name, Age, Homebase & Occupation.

ROLO: My name is Rolo Tanedo Jr but others may know me by my internet name dunksrnice. I'm 25 years old and I'm from the Bay Area. I'm a part time photography student at Academy of Art University of San Francisco (AAU), and a part time sales associate/in-house photographer at a lifestyle & urban boutique store called Fully Laced. I also work for a wedding company as a photographer, restore sneakers on my free time and affiliated with Sole Clinics, photograph for an online magazine called FKN-Famous and not to mention run my own day to day photography blog. So yeah I have several jobs/occupations haha.

TH: Your blog Dunksrnice.net is really a must follow for any sneakerhead or anyone who just loves great photography. How long have you been doing the site and give people who aren't familiar a little background into what it's about.

ROLO: The name "dunksrnice" was started/created around 2002/2003 because a lot of the Nike Dunk models were very simple but nice hence the name "dunksrnice" but I didn't start the domain name in 2006/2007. Dunksrnice.net is a day to day basis of my daily life which is presented through photos because everyone lives a different life. I just choose to present my life through photos.

TH: For the people on the outside looking in what would you say you love most about living in the Bay Area and why?

ROLO: Besides really great food and really chill people, the beautiful scenery. One thing that is unique about the Bay Area is the fog. It has it's mysterious ways regardless if its hot or cold.

TH: How long have you been into photography and what is your current main setup currently?

ROLO: I have been into photography when I was younger. My dad would take photos of my family and I took it after him but it was nothing special. It wasn't until I got more into shoes that I wanted to focus the details. I would say around 2003/2004. My current main set up is a Nikon D700 with a 50mm. I have other lens but I prefer this combo.

TH: What would you say is your main influence when shooting for the site? And what would you say is the most important thing you've learned since starting Dunksrnice.net?

ROLO: Journalistic style more for influence because those photographers photograph everything. It's very inspiring. The most important thing that I have learned from running my site is staying focused and true to the blog.

TH: You have one of the nicest 1st run retro and og sneaker collections around. What has been your hardest pickup to attain when it comes to your older sneakers?

ROLO: Size, condition, and overall price. All three of those are very common when it comes to hunting down shoes. It could be a great price but the wrong size or the condition isn't what you prefer but the right size. It's always vice versa.

TH: What specific shoe got you hooked into to sneaker world?

ROLO: Nike Co.Jp Dunks. The colorways are always simple and look nice compared to a lot of newer releases.

TH: If you were a Nike executive for the day what one shoe would you retro immediately?

ROLO: Nike Air Tech Challenge IV! I like vibrant bright color sneakers and when the colorway is executed good, it works very well. The ATC IV is vibrant and has a gradient color fade so it's a really interesting model sneaker.

TH: What original colorway of a sneaker do you wish Nike never retros so they remain a true "OG" colorway?

ROLO: Honestly a lot of Nikes. Nike just needs to stop making these ugly random colorways that has no significance to the shoe. Any shoe can have whatever colors, but if it's executed great than it works.

TH: Name your favorite model/colorway from the following categories: Air Jordan, Nike SB, Nike Air Max & Nike Basketball.

ROLO: In no particular order and this is really touch but...
1 - Air Jordan Black Cement III's.
2. - Nike SB Flashes.
3 - Air Max 90 Infrared.
4 - Nike Dunk Co.Jp City Attacks/Brazil Lows.

TH: With how big the sneaker industry has gotten in recent years do you think it has helped or hurt the culture and why?

ROLO: I believe both. Helped because with social media like Instagram/Facebook Groups/Twitter Sneaker blogs, Craigslist, technology etc. its a lot easy to gain access for information and what people are selling. Hurt because more people become exposed causing hype to certain sneakers, which hikes up resale value. Although violence plays a role since the late 80's and early 90's until now, it increases the
chance of it. It sucks because with the power of technology, stores rely on using raffles which they claim it helps keep people safe which is understandable but you're not guaranteed the size you want so that takes a role as well. Again it's both.

TH: What is your favorite sneaker related memory or story that you can remember?

ROLO: I remember I took a road trip with my girlfriend, and two of my best friends to L.A for a mini vacation. I never visited Flight Club and wasn't planning to but we ended up stopping by Flight Club randomly just to check out the store. There were these three young kids who were over looking the classic SB's like Flashes, Tiff's, Unkles to the non SB's like Viotechs, Woman Splatters, Hazes, Argons etc. Again I wasn't planning to buy anything but I remember randomly was checking out Black Supreme Lows and they didn't have my size and right next to it was the White Supreme Lows in my size. 

I'm not sure if it was a price that was over looked or a wrong price but it was VNDS White Supreme Lows for $250! I didn't believe it at first because it was too good to be true, so I asked one of the workers and he was like "Yeah man, those are $250! People sleeping on these joints!" The three young kids over heard my conversation while eyeing the shoes that I bought them on the spot! It was pretty funny because after I bought the White Supreme Lows, the three young kids started to look at all the other shoes I was looking for thinking they would find a steal. I always found this story funny but yet a reminder just to check all the time.

TH: Any last words for the people out there?

ROLO: Buy what you like and appreciate it for what it is not for how much it's worth.

TH: Where can everyone find you on social media and contact you?

ROLO: Blog - dunksrnice.net
Instagram/Twitter/Flickr - @dunksrnice

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