TH: First off can we get a little intro for the people who may not be familiar? Name, Age, Homebase and occupation?

SERGIO: Its #kicks4eva 750k + tags and counting... I'm Sergio Torres I'm 25 from Long Beach California a family man and a warehouse worker.

TH: Can you tell us a little about your @kicks4eva Instagram page?

SERGIO: I have a weekly themes use my hashtag #kicks4eva or another related tag if the picture is dope I'll ask them to email me the picture for a shout out.

TH: What has been your favorite release of 2013 so far?

SERGIO: favorite release would be the year of the snake red suede kobes I love them joints.

TH: What would you say has been the worst release of 2013?

SERGIO: Worst release would be the bel air six rings but they're my boys all time favorite.

TH: If you were a Nike exec for the day what specific shoe would you retro immediately and why?

SERGIO: I would retro the Bred jordan 16s I remember my older brother rocking those and I absolutely loving them strap or no strap we need those to be retroed come on Nike!

TH: What shoe and colorway do you hope never gets retro'd?

SERGIO: The LeBron 8 south beach if you got em you got em if you don't you don't haha.

TH: What has been the toughest shoe to get a hold of in your current collection and why?

SERGIO: The LeBron 8 sprites the day they came out I worked but I for sure called every single sneaker store within a 20 mile radius but none had em. I went home and me and my brother went to the local shoe warehouse and they had em but! Not in the size we were looking for so we had the workers call other stores and found them at a store in LA when we got there we got the last size and also came up on the solar red brons which was a plus.

TH: What shoe in your collection holds the most sentimental value to you personally and why?

SERGIO: I will never get rid of my CB 34 Godzilla my brother got me those when times were hard for me and when I came home and laid eyes on them just made me so happy.

TH: Of all the materials used on sneakers nowadays (leather, suede, patent leather, elephant print, cement print, etc.) which one makes you have to buy a certain pair and why?

SERGIO: I think suede I love all the kicks made with suede weather its jordans or kobes I'd like to own them all.

TH: Besides shoes what's your biggest guilty pleasure?

SERGIO: Food I love eating from pozole to a george foreman number 5 at MVPs I love me some good food. I snapchat all my friends the good food I'm eating.

TH: What one thing bothers or bugs you the most about the current state of the sneaker game?

SERGIO: How hard it is to get shoes now a days I remember going to shoe city way after the shoe dropped and it still being there.

TH: What was the one shoe that sparked your interest in the sneaker game?

SERGIO: Since I was little I loved sneakers from Nike to Vans anything that looked good on my feet from wearing LA gears having them light up in class had all the other kids jealous.

TH: What is your #1 influence when you pick and choose your sneaker choices?

SERGIO: Its like this if I like it I'll wear it.

TH: Any last words for the people out there?

SERGIO: Yeah you guys gotta wear what you like and remember its not always about kicks sometimes you gotta give back go and donate some shoes to those who don't have any it will make you feel so good about yourself knowing that you helped someone out.

TH: Where can everyone find you on social media?

SERGIOInstagram : @kicks4eva #kicks4eva, Twitter : @vforvandetta, #kicks4eva only the flyest!

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