TH: Can we get a little intro for the people who may not be familiar? Name, Age, Hometown & Occupation?

JESUS: My names Jesus but most people call me Chuy. I am 23 from Santa Ana, CA and I work in a sheet metal fabrication company.

TH: What do you use for your setup when taking your Instagram pictures?

JESUS: I currently use a Canon t3i with 50mm 1.8 for sneaker related pictures with a remote. You definitely need one of those if you dont have people taking your pics as well as a small tripod.

TH: What was the first shoe that you can remember sparking your interest in the whole shoe game and why?

JESUS: The first shoe that sparked my interest would be my Grail the Cool Grey 4's. Everybody knows Grey is my favorite colorway for sneakers I'm currently trying to stock up on those haha.

TH: With 2013 coming to a close what has been your favorite release of the year?

JESUS: To be honest I don't really pick up new releases you can go thru my feed you'll probably find a couple but the one sneaker that I could not get my hands on that stood out from the other releases was the Doernbecher Foamposite. Elijah Diggins did a great job on that sneaker as well as the other kids involved in the Doernbecher Freesyle X Colleciton.

TH: What’s your favorite sneaker material and why? ie: Suede, Elephant print, Cement, Patent Leather, etc.

JESUS: My favorite sneaker material is definitely Suede. Blue suede is my favorite for example
the Laney 1's and the EMINEM Jordan 4's.

TH: Out of your entire collection what was the hardest sneaker to get your hands on and why?

JESUS: The hardest sneaker to get for me was the Nike Air max 90 x Hurley "Phantom 4D". I've been looking for that sneaker since it released 2011. I believe there was only 500 pairs. Every week I would search ebay or sneaker groups and I couldnt find them until this past spring I found them. 1 on ebay and it happened to be my size and I managed to get them for under 200 a STEAL in my opinion.

TH: Has there been one specific shoe that you still have a hard time getting ahold of?

JESUS: YES! lol the Nike SB Reese Forbes. It's been a mission trying to find this sneaker for a good price. I was 10 minutes to late on a steal but someone beat me to it. Lets just say I wasnt to happy.

TH: Name your favorite specific shoe/colorway from the following categories: Air Jordan, Lebrons, Kobe’s, Nike Basketball, Nike Running & Nike SB.

JESUS: Air Jordan - Anything cool grey, Lebrons- I'm not big fan of lebrons but I do like the 7's, Kobes - the 6's are my favorite it had so many dope colorways, Nike Basketball- Pearl Foamposites, Nike Running- Air Max 90 Hurleys or the multicolor Flyknits, Nike SB - Wheat Forbes.

TH: If you were a Nike Exec for the day what would be the one shoe/colorway you would retro right away? And which shoe would you leave in the vault forever to never re-release?

JESUS: My Grail ofcourse the Air Jordan 4 cool grey's. I would stock up like crazy 6 pairs something along those lines haha

TH: If you could change one thing about the state of the sneaker game as it stands today what would that be? 

JESUS: The Whole RSVP system thing I hate that everything is controlled by bots. They say it's supposed to be fair and it isn't.

I see people posting pictures with 10 pairs of doernechers. By the way I haven't won an RSVP in like 10000000 attempts lol.

TH: Any last words for the people out there?

JESUS: I would say do you. Don't get distracted about what others are doing put your main focus on yourself and be original.

Thanks Alan for allowing me to be featured and thanks to all the people that continue to support my work I appreciate it

TH: Where can everyone find you on social media?

JESUS: You can find me on IG @Air_Chewy #Air_chewy

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