TH: First off can we get a little intro for the people who may not be familiar? Name, Age, Homebase and occupation?

JOHNNY: Johnny Beckett 28 I'm based out of NJ /NYC area and I'm a Photographer

TH: Being that you are a professional photographer we have to ask what you use as your main setup?

JOHNNY: I shoot with a Canon 5DMK3 and a bunch of lenses all Canon L series.

TH: Have you always had a passion for photography and what gives you the most joy day in and day out when working in the industry?

JOHNNY: Ever since I was younger I've always liked photos. I remember wishing I could be in cool photographs like celebrities and athletes lol. I love the excitement of shooting someone or something and knowing they are gonna love and appreciate the photos.

TH: Who are some of the celebrities and athletes we may know that you've worked with?

JOHNNY: Pharrell Williams , Fabolous , QTip , Joe Budden , Jameer Nelson , Keyon Dooling , etc...

TH: What's the craziest story that you can share with us about one of the more known clients you have shot? No names of course.

JOHNNY: Can't really share any crazy stories but I've had nights where I've hung out with some of the most famous people you can think. Yes more famous then the people I've photographed too.

TH: What was the one shoe that sparked your interest in the sneaker game? 

JOHNNY: To be honest prob the airmax 90 infrared had to be the first sneaker I loved at first sight.

TH: Besides shoes & camera gear what's your biggest guilty pleasure?

JOHNNY: I'm really into Cars, Motorcycles , shopping , traveling , and fashion.

TH: What has been your favorite release of 2013 so far? 

JOHNNY: Sounds boring but I'd say the airmax90 Independence day pack. I've purchase a few pair and they are like my go to sneakers.

TH: What would you say has been the worst release of 2013? 

JOHNNY: Not sure about Nike but I'm not a reebok fan at all so any reeboks lol

TH: If you were a nike exec for the day what specific shoe would you retro immediately and why? 

JOHNNY: I know I'm supposed to name a Jordan but I'd say the Nike Blazer SB azure Tiffany colorway. I've always wanted that sneaker.

TH: What has been the toughest shoe to get a hold of in your current collection and why? 

JOHNNY: I don't really collect I just buy to wear. But I'd say the Air Max 90 hyperfuse all volt or the solar red colorway. I have some that are way more sought after but if you pay enuff you find them easily.

TH: Of all the materials used on sneakers nowadays (leather, suede, patent leather, elephant print, cement print, etc.) which one makes you have to buy a certain pair and why? 

JOHNNY: I'd say quality leather and the hyperfuse material. They seem to last and not turn yellow from moisture and heat.

TH: What one thing bothers or bugs you the most about the current state of the sneaker game? 

JOHNNY: Probably the resellers , They make if hard for a person to just go out and buy their favorite pair of sneakers without camping overnight or standing in lines for countless hours. Smh damn resellers.

TH: What is your #1 influence when you pick and choose your sneaker choices?

JOHNNY: Nowadays prob deciding if I'm going to actually wear it. In the past I would just buy anything that looked nice or had a good colorway.

TH: What's your favorite specific shoe/colorway from the following categories? Jordan, Nike Basketball, Lebron, Nike SB and Nike Air Max. 

JOHNNY: Jordan's I'd have to go with some white cement 3s or black cement 3s. Sorry can't choose lol. I'm not a fan of lebrons anymore but I guess South Beach 9s. SBs would be the Ferris Bueller SB Dunks and Air Max would have to be Infrared 90's.

TH: Any last words for the people out there? 

JOHNNY: Nothing is impossible and everything matters. Oh yea and for all my fellow photographers out there Lighting Is Everything!!!

TH: Where can everyone find you on social media? 

JOHNNY: Instagram Paid2shoot - Tumblr Paid2shoot - Twitter Paid2shoot and Facebook Johnny Beckett

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