TH: First can we get a little intro for the people who may not be familiar? Name, Age, Homebase & Occupation.

CODY: Cody, Atlanta, Industrial Designer.

TH: What do you use for you camera setup for your Instagram photos and Youtube Videos?

CODY: Canon T2i + T3i, 50mm f/1.4.

TH: Not only are you heavy on Instagram but you are one of the few people who also provide frequent Youtube videos with your detailed reviews on recent releases and your daily “WDGTWT” features. How has the response been from the sneaker community in regards to your Youtube channel?

CODY: Overall, the response has been extremely positive. When I began producing videos last Summer, I set out to provide the highest-quality, and most professional sneaker videos on YouTube. I do my best to show my viewers the product as if they were holding it in their own hands, and I keep my narration to the point without any unnecessary rambling. From the growth my channel has seen in the last few months, I'd say my viewers are taking appreciative notice.

TH: Going backwards a little, before the whole Roshe Run craze started to catch on you were one of the few who really pushed for that silhouette bringing the shoe to a lot of people’s eyes. Do you find that your love of the Roshe has diminished at all since it has caught on with the masses so much or has it increased your love of the shoe?

CODY: Significantly, and unfortunately. The Roshe Run was an incredible new silhouette from Nike, and one of my favorite aspects of it last Summer was the hunt. You had to do some serious digging to find a pair of the original seven colorways in your size. Not only that, but it was very rare that you ever saw someone else wearing a pair of Roshes, and they became conversation starters.

Since then, Nike has blown up the Roshe Run, eliminating any demand for the product by pushing out way too much supply. There's a hundred new variations and colorways sitting at almost every shoe store. What I found most inciting about the shoe just isn't there any more, and I've accumulated way too many pairs, so I'm shying away from Roshes at the moment.

TH: What “sneakerhead” stereotype bothers you the most?

CODY: Going off of the Complex list of "10 Sneakerhead Stereotypes That Are True," I'd have to say it's that everyone loves Jordans. I don't. I can't stand what Jordan Brand is putting out at the moment. Tinker Hatfield is a genius, yet Jordan Brand is taking his works of art and butchering them with terrible materials and unbearable comfort. 

This year's "OG" Retro 1 releases have been solid, I'll give them that, but I can't say the same about the Retro 5s or last year's Retro 4s. We continue to see dropping quality and rising prices, yet the extremely high demand for Jordan Retros lets Jordan Brand get away with the lacking quality, quality that doesn't merit the praise is is receiving from the community.

TH: What specific shoe was the hardest to get from your current collection and why?

CODY: To be honest, it'd have to be my pair of Calypso Roshe Runs. I was out of the country in April and May of 2012, so I was unable to jump on the Roshe train until all of the Calypsos were snatched up. I had obtained every other colorway, and it took many months of consistent searching to track down a pair of Calypsos in my size.

TH: Name your favorite specific model/colorway from the following categories: Nike Running, Nike Air Max, New Balance, Asics, Jordan.

CODY: From what I own:

Nike Running: Nike Free Inneva Woven - SP Photo Blue
Nike Air Max: Nike Air Max 90 - Infrared
New Balance: New Balance 998 - M998GNR
Asics: Saint Alfred x Asics Gel Lyte III
Jordan: Jordan 3 - Black/Cement

TH: What has been your favorite release of 2013 so far?

CODY: Concepts x New Balance 998 - "Mint" - The US-made New Balance 998 had never been collaborated on until this year. Concepts boldly went where no shop had gone before with their two-part 998 collaboration, including the C-Note and Mint colorways. Both are incredible, but I have a soft spot for Mint, a color that New Balance rarely uses, and the finished product was executed to perfection.

TH: If you were a Nike executive for the day what shoe/colorway would you retro immediately?

CODY: I would bring back the Air Max 1 with it's original shape and real materials.

TH: What is your biggest guilty pleasure besides sneakers?

CODY: Cars. I'm a huge BMW fanatic.

TH: Besides sneakers what are your top 5 essential items you must always have?

CODY: iPhone 5S, MacBook Pro, Bose AE2 headphones, 4x6 paperback Moleskine notebooks, BIC ballpoints.

TH: Any last words for the people out there?

CODY: Branch out from Nikes and Jordans. Look into other brands like New Balance, Asics, and Saucony. Go out on a limb a buy a GR. New Balance is making excellent happen right now. For the price of a poor-quality Jordan retro, you can have a super comfortable runner hand-made of real suedes and leathers in the US and UK that is more limited than any recent "quickstrike" that Jordan Brand has put out.

A big thanks to Alan and TodaysHype for having me!

TH: Where can everyone find you on social media?

CODY: Youtube,  Twitter, Instagram, GTFan712.com, Flickr, Tumblr

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