TH: For people who may not be familiar can we get a little intro? Name, Age, Homebase & Occupation.

MALIK: My name is Malik Mbaye. I'm 17 years old, from Bowie, Maryland and I'm a visionary.

TH: You have a very versatile and unique style that is hard to pinpoint or classify into one category. That is always the sign of true authentic and great style. Have you always had an eye and interest in the fashion world?

MALIK: I genuinely appreciate that. But yes, fashion has always been a huge part of my life. I remember my parents telling me about how as a child I used to run through 4 to 5 outfits a day just because I loved dressing up. However, finding my style was a journey. I was originally exposed to fashion on a serious note as an escape from my insecurities and a means of fitting in.

Over time I became much more comfortable with the man I am and I began to view fashion in a different light. I know see fashion as a means of self expression, as an art, a way of communicating something to the masses. And to have that opportunity to let something like that manifest through something as simple as "dressing-up" is absolutely beautiful to me. And thats one of the main reason I love fashion now.

TH: Can you tell us a little more about Tribal Customs Clothing and what it's all about?

MALIK: Tribal Customs is a brand I started in the Fall of 2012 with a friend of mine, now I am the sole proprietor of the company and the head of the Apparel Line, Genesis by Tribal Customs. Tribal Customs is really a concept more than it is a brand for me. Because I founded the company on a whim and it was never meant to get as big as it did. But with the help of some faithful followers on a lot of social networks. One thing led to another and we've received literally hundreds of orders just a year later. 

Tribal Customs is a constant reminder to always stay true to yourself and invest your all into your endeavors. Because that's the only way you can thrive. If your intentions are pure and your actions genuine there is no way the universe won't reward you for your efforts. So all the publicity and hype and love we get from supporters all over the world is the greatest thing ever, there's nothing better than tangible results and gratification for something you put your heart in

TH: What would you say is the biggest thing you've learned since starting Tribal Customs?

MALIK: Responsibility and time management. Over the past year, with my partner leaving me and having to halt production because of a heavy workload at school and all that, it's been hard,. Finding time to process all the orders and shipping punctually and keeping in touch with customers, there's always so much to do. 

Running an entire company by yourself isn't exactly a cakewalk, and we've had issues like any other newly founded company and I am only a teenager. Don't get me wrong. Wes Moore says "excuses are tools of the incompetent" and I stand by his statement. I'm not making excuses at all, I'm just explaining compromising circumstances and some of the hardships we had to overcome. But everything happens for a reason and now I can genuinely say we're taking the company in a whole new direction.

TH: What would you say are your main influences when it comes to your style?

MALIK: Me, myself and I. Not to sound conceited, but like I said for me fashion is a means of self expression. When I dress up my goal is not to emulate anyone but to express myself artistically. My outfits actually come to me. I could be doing something as simple as reading or cleaning and an idea for an outfit would come to me almost like an episode of That's So Raven. Lol, I know how it sounds but that's just how it is for me.

TH: What is the number one trend out there you would love to see go away and why?

MALIK: That's a tough question probably this HYPEBEAST, Conformist trend. I hate to see kids out there not being themselves. We're all human and were all unique in one way or another so why would you waste your time trying to be like someone else when you can be yourself ? Be yourself. Stay true to who you are at all cost. When people ask me things like how to dress, they often don't like my reply. All you really have to do is wake up and be yourself and the rest will take care of itself.

There's a lack of individuality in the fashion world of our generation and anyone who tries to deviate from the norm is shunned, that hurts me. This lack of individuality if the main reason I don't disclose where I shop. People have approached me trying to buy entire outfits off of my body, You shouldn't see me and want to copy. If you want to take anything away from it, it should be inspiration.inspiration to find yourself in the world of fashion, nothing more. 

TH: What would be one accessory you could not leave the house without? 

MALIK: Probably my gold watch. I'm not to heavy into the accessory game. I often wear my Cuban link chains and bracelets. But they aren't as versatile and simple as a watch. I'm not self conscious but you will always see me with one of my watches.

TH: Name one guilty pleasure that people would be surprised to hear about.

MALIK: I honestly don't know. Maybe the fact that I don't drink soda, eat fast food or candy. Especially since I'm so young, junkfood is an integral part of the adolescent culture.

TH: Who would you say in the music industry currently has the best style and why?

MALIK: Although I'm a huge kanye supporter, I'm tempted to say someone else. In all honesty id say Lady Gaga. Through thick and thin she never fails to owe the world with her wardrobe choices. Things like meat costumes and things you would never expect. She is the epitome of individuality. And her outfits are so eccentric and even outlandish at times. She gives the fashion world the spice it needs, I rarely ever see her in anything boring. She's an innovator and that's why I love her.

TH: Your also fairly heavy in the sneaker culture. Name your top 3 sneakers of all time.

MALIK: I'm actually not that big on shoes at all. I formally "left the shoe game" about a year and a half ago. Sneaker culture can be so limiting at times in terms of fashion and versatility is a big deal for me. My top 3 sneakers would have to be Black on White Sk8 Hi Vans, Black Cement 3s and OG Blue Air Max 1s.

TH: Any last words for the people out there?

MALIK: One Love always and forever. The world is yours.

TH: Where can everyone find you on social media and get in touch with you?

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