Wallpaper: fiftyfootshadows iOS 7 Parallax Wallpaper Pack

Fiftyfootshadows.net has been around for years now giving the world drop dead gorgeous photography based blog posts directly from the man himself John Carey. You may not know it but one of your favorite iPhone or iPad wallpapers is more than likely a result of John's work. He was kind enough to release a new updated iOS 7 wallpaper pack which is ready for the new iOS 7 parallax feel. Everything is cropped perfectly for the iPhone and iPad with no cropping necessary. For the first time you can also get an exclusive 100 pack collection for a small price which is a no brainer if your a fan of John's work. Make sure to head on over to Fiftyfootshadows.net immediatly here and show support a site thats been pushing nothing but quality and premium content to the photography and Apple worlds for years.

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