TH: First off can we get a little intro for the people not familiar? Name , Age, Homebase & Occupation?

ADRIAN: Hi everyone; my name is Adrian but some people call me Bianco or just “ the Biceps”. Im a Student, Photographer, Al Bundy and the worst and most drunk DJ you will find. Im from Munich, Germany so you will have to fight with my english a little bit, sorry!!

TH: What was the first shoe that got you hooked into sneakers and why?

ADRIAN: About 2 or 3 years ago I was looking for a Nike Royal Mid or something I cant remember the exact name. I was looking for this shoe everywhere. It wasnt something special but because it was a US release I guess I couldn't find that shit here. So I went to my local sneaker store and Alex the former store manager gave me an issue of Sneaker Freaker magazine to look at couse he also coudnt find these Royals. I flipped through the magazine and I was like on crack immediately.

I just knew Asics from old full jeans wearing dickheads straight from the 90's with some casual asics runners on and was like “look at these GLIIIs! This is pure power! So the whole story began with some pairs of Nike high tops. I never got and brought me into asics and all the other good kicks.

TH: Out of all the various materials on shoes nowadays what would you consider your absolute favorite and why? ie: suede, leather, elephant print, cement, etc.

ADRIAN: Suede for sure. Just give me my favorite pairs of shoes in just one color and suede and you will make me happy.

TH: What do you use as your main setup for your HD shoe shots on Instagram?

ADRIAN: Im pretty lowballing with a canon 550 D and 50mm 1-1.8 lens.

TH: You also have a very mean fashion game as well with a distinct style thats very original. What would you say are your biggest style influences?

ADRIAN: Thank you! Im pretty obsessed with the right gear. Doesn't matter if I just go to the super market or into a bar. The biggest style influence was my mom I guess. Since I was young she taught me to dress well and look accurate everytime. So I got this spleen from here. I mean shes not into streetwear at all, but I kept one of the basic things from my childhood to have a classic item all the time, like wearing a shirt 24/7. If I wouldn't wear sneakers and some boatshoes instead, I would look like a petty burgeoise or simply a dickhead easily.

Also dont look at fashion blogs at all but I look at people out there all the time.

TH: What are some of your favorite and must have clothing brands out there?

ADRIAN: Norse Projects and North Face are my favorites right now also Carhartt WIP is allways the right choice. I just bought some Publish Brand Joggers at the Beastin Store in Munich and will most def get more of them. I love the cut and the quality of em”.

Its a very classy selection. No must have stuff I guess but thats how I roll!

TH: Whats been your favorite release of 2013 so far and why?

ADRIAN: Nike Mayfly Woven QS in the Bronze/Curry CW. Its such an unique design and the color ist just awesome.

TH: Out of all the shoes in your possession what would you say was the hardest to get your hands on and why?

ADRIAN: It was a general Nike Release. A Nike Air Structure Triax 91 in a Green/Brown CW I dont wear at all. I finally found someone in Canada who sold them to me in my size. I had to go to the customs paid on top and all that stressfull stuff and at the end he sent me two different sizes. After two months and a lot of talking I got the right size from one of his friends in Poland.

Now I got 3 shoes of this CW and I wear zero of them. I got a lot of shoes I wanted to have so badly and after getting em something about them wasnt so special anymore.

TH: What is your favorite shoe/colorway from the following categories? New Balance, Asics, Nike Air Max.

ADRIAN: New Balance: The NB x size? clerks pack because it always reminds me of the good time I had in Paris with Marco Sneakerist . He was like “Adrian go into the size store first floor, there is still an old DS NB collabo in your size availabe and so I bought those. It's not the most pretty NB I got but it has a story to tell so that's why they are my favorites. Im a nostaligic person I guess!

Asics: Pretty easy, the Salmon Toes. I just love this shoe and im happy to got a pair. Ronnie Fieg is just a badass designer, despite all the internet hate everybody is on right now. He's just a really really good designer, hands down!

Nike: Flyknits Racer, About all of them. I just love the design, the quality and the colors. It's the best shoe you can wear and combine with just every style.

TH: If you could be a Nike executive for the day what would be the specific shoe/colorway you would have to retro immediately?

ADRIAN: Im not good when it comes to retros but I really dig all Huaraches out there. The shoe is just special. I would love to see some Huas in all blue, bordeaux and so on.. just one color.. The Design is so special I dont need a lot of colors on it.

TH: Besides your phone what is one item you cannot leave the house without?

ADRIAN: My glasses and some pocket money to get some food. I always need good food.

TH: Any last words for the people out there?

ADRIAN: First of all to all the people at IG, womft groups and all that other internet sites: Stop the fucking hating, it pisses me off.

If you allways look at other people and know whats best or not for them you will forget who you are and what you should be. Don't define yourself on stuff that you hate, define yourself on the stuff you love!

Ps: muniqkicks is a fat bastard.

TH: Where can everyone find you on social media?

IG: mrbianco

Tumblr: http://nicekicksuglykids.tumblr.com/

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