TH: Can we get a quick intro for the people who may not be familiar? Name, Age, Hometown & Occupation?

CHRISTIAN: My name's Christian Yu. I'm 16 and come from the Philippines but I'm of Chinese descent. I'm a high school student as of now.

: How long have you been into the sneaker inspired art?

CHRISTIAN: I've been inspired by sneakers for about 4 years now, but really started getting into it this year. I set up my Instagram in February earlier this year.

TH: Can you remember what specific shoe sparked your love for sneakers and why?

CHRISTIAN: Very clearly, actually. Growing up, I never really could understand why certain people were so infatuated with sneakers, I mean, they were JUST sneakers. I was very wrong and still laugh at myself for thinking that way.

In 2010 the release of the Kobe V changed everything I thought of about sneakers. The Playoff pack and Bruce Lee colorways were my favorites and still remain "grails" until today.

TH: Out of all the shoes you have drawn what specific shoe is your favorite to draw?

CHRISTIAN: Either the Jordan 1, or the Kobe V.

TH: What would you say is the hardest shoe to draw and why?

CHRISTIAN: One shoe I've always found myself at difficulty with would be the Kobe VII. The shoe's aggressive and rather unusual lines and angles are quite challenging to capture.

TH: Any words of advice to the young and upcoming artists out there that you wish someone gave you when you started?

CHRISTIAN: That would be to keep practicing! If I could only unearth one of my first few sketches, I'd love to show the world my progress because those were absolutely terrible! Another thing would be to channel the very same feeling shoes give you into the drawings and just let it flow.

TH: Besides art and sneakers what is your biggest guilty pleasure?

CHRISTIAN: Watching and playing football! (Soccer, to most Americans.) a favorite player of mine would be Lionel Messi, and what I love seeing most is the way he plays.

TH:With 2013 almost over what has been your personal favorite release of the year?

CHRISTIAN: The Fear Jordan V's.

TH: Any last words to the people out there?

CHRISTIAN: I guess it would be one huge thank you! I would not and could not be where I am today without the people that are constantly supporting me every step of the way. 

I'd also like to say to the people struggling, wether be it with their sport or just problems in life as a whole, to keep pushing. Nothing in life, especially success, ever comes easy.

TH: Where can everyone find you on social media and contact you for work?

CHRISTIAN: You can find me on Twitter @sneakerdoodles5 and Instagram @sneakerdoodles.

For business, anyone can email me at sneakerdoodles13@gmail.com

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