TH: Can we get a quick intro for the people not familiar? Name, Age, Hometown & Occupation?

DAN: My Name is Dan Maurice, Born in Kansas City Missouri, Raised in New Rochelle, NY and I work in the health care industry.

TH: What kind of setup do you use for your amazing Instagram photos?

DAN: My setup is basic, I primarily run a Canon T3i with a 50mm f/1.4 USM.

TH: Have you always had an interest for photography or did it increase as you got into sneakers?

DAN: Well, I’ve always had an interest for sneakers, photography came a bit later. Once I picked up a camera, it opened up a whole new perspective for me. I’m still learning, but every photo session increases my passion for photography as a whole. It reaches farther than just sneakers..

TH: Nowadays if you’re into sneakers you almost have to be into Instagram as well. What do you love and hate the most about the sneaker culture and Instagram together like it is?

DAN: One thing I love about the sneaker culture combined with Instagram is the ability to connect with other individuals with common interests. I’ve met some really cool people that share the same passion as I do, and for the most part, we all appreciate and respect one anothers collections.

On the other hand, there’s always a downside to everything. Some people promote negativity. That’s something I stay away from. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all…

TH: Name your personal top 5 favorite sneaker personalities on Instagram.

DAN: Wow, this is a tough one.. In no particular order, @Mr_Spotlite_10 is a pleasure to follow. His collection is serious, definitely someone to check. Of course @IWEARMYKICKS is a must follow. Not only is his sneaker game on point, but the photography skills he has is far beyond impressive. @Instaaagrant is another source of inspiration behind the lens when it comes to sneaker photography. This guy posts premium pictures, worthy enough to frame. 

One of my favorite personalities on Instagram hands down would be @KICKS_4DAYZ. You can tell he’s got an eye for this photography stuff, very well rounded and stays with heat on his feet. Another great personality would be @JOHNKREAM. He’s got his whole family laced up with a great sense of humor. You can tell he takes time with his photos and every post seems like a true piece of art. Although there’s so many others that deserve be mentioned, those are the top 5.

TH: With 2013 all but over with what were your top 5 releases of the year?

DAN: There were so many drops this year, but I put effort into picking up the Jordan 1 Hi White/Varsity-Red/Black. Converse had a great collaboration with Martin Margiela that I was fortunate enough to pickup. The Mutombo’s made an impact this year.

The Jordan IV Toro-Bravo was a definite pickup. New color-ways always compliment the collection and the Jordan IV silhouette is iconic. Shout out to my connect for the Doernbecher III’s I picked up. I missed their first release but was able to snag a pair this time around. All for a good cause.

TH: What future releases are you looking forward to most in 2014?

DAN: Well, I have a diverse taste for sneakers, but as far as Jordan Brand there’s a few releases I have my eye on. I like simple color ways, so the Jordan X Cool Grey/Infrared is something to look forward to. The Reebok Big Hurt, Jordan X Powder’s and the New Slate Jordan III’s are the releases I’m really anticipating.

TH: What would you say be your favorite sneaker material and why? ie: Suede, Leather, Elephant Print, Cement Print, Patent Leather, etc.

DAN: I got a thing for suede. If suede is the main ingredient, it’ll catch my eye. Suede to me trumps the softest of leathers, and no matter what shoe suede is infused with, it always gives you that premium feel. Not to mention it’s comfortable.

TH: Out of all the sneakers you own what was the hardest one to get ahold of and why?

DAN: That would have to be the Jordan Jumpan Pro Quick Low (White/Black/Red). I owned these years back when they came out and I cooked them! I used them as they were intended to be used. After running them into the ground I threw them up on a telephone wire after school one day. 

I walked passed those sneakers for like 5 years or so, wishing I had them again. So I searched and searched, and after 2 years I found a pair in deadstock condition. I never put so much effort into a pair of kicks. I’m glad I was able to find them.

TH: Besides sneakers what is your biggest guilty pleasure?

DAN: Sneakers aside, I’d have to say my biggest guilty pleasure is traveling. Being in one place for too long brings boredom. Visiting new places is something I try to indulge in as often as possible. No matter the distance, a new set of surroundings is always pleasurable. Traveling is costly, but experiencing foreign culture is well worth the bill.

TH: If you had to wear one shoe every day for the rest of your live what would it be and why?

DAN: Hands down the Nike Air Force 1 White/White. Why? It’s a classic. I’ve been rockin’ uptowns since I’ve been walking. It’s a universal sneaker, especially when they’re fresh out the box. They’re accepted world-wide and not one sneaker in existence has survived all these years with minimal promotion.

TH: Any last words of advice or wisdom for the people out there?

DAN: If I have any advice or wisdom to share, it would be to simply: “be you”. Wear what you like, regardless of its value. Stay true to your own flavor.

TH: Where can everyone find and follow you on social media?

DAN: Instagram: @118th_

Web: www.The118th.com

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