TH: Can we get a quick intro for the people unfamiliar? Name, Age, Hometown?

NIA: Nia Ewing, I am 17 and am from San Francisco.

TH: Do you ever encounter hate for whatever reason being a female that is into sneakers and if so any words to those people?

NIA: Yes, I have and all I have to say is thank you for everything because hate is admiration in disguise.

TH: What is the biggest stereotype you hate the most in regards to being a female sneakerhead?

NIA: The biggest stereotype I hate the most in regards to being a female sneakerhead is that girl’s cannot truly be sneakerheads because it is supposedly to easy to get our shoes when in truth difficulty still exist even for grade school sizes.

TH: With 2013 all but over what were your top 5 releases of the year and why?

NIA: Kobe 8 – Extraterrestrial because they are a part of the all star package, and kobe wore the shoe during the all star game and as a basketball player the all star game is one of my favorite games to watch, also I like the originality of having the newspaper in the shoe box.

Air Jordan 3 Retro ’88 fire red: I think this a top release; because it has been several years since jordans has released a pair of 3s with the nike air sign on the back. It was nice to see an attempt of releasing 3’s how they use to be.

Sns x Reebok Questions Mid; I have not seen reebok’s popularity at this level since my elementary days. The color way for this collaboration between sneakers n stuff and reebok was very unique but slept on. This is the one pair of -reebok questions that I wish came in my size.

Air Jordan Low GS “Snakeskin” because it was the best only GS release of the year. Im not a huge fan of low top 11’s but it was must cop for all sneakerheads that wear grade school sizes still.

Nike Lebron “Championship Pack” because Lebron won the NBA championship in the all red championship elites, which was a great game to watch. The lebron 10 lows that came along with the package were nothing like any lebrons I have seen released and in my opinion they were well thought out.

TH: Name your favorite all time specific shoe and colorway from the following categories: Air Jordan, Lebron, Kobe, Nike Air Max.

NIA: Air Jordan: Bred 1’s

Lebron: “Watch the Throne” Lebron 9s

Kobe: Galaxy Kobe 7s

Nike Air Max: Air Max 1s “atmos”

TH: If you had to wear one shoe every day for the rest of your life what would that shoe be and why?

NIA: The What the Kobe 8s because I would never feel boring or basic in this colorway of shoe. They are spontaneous and kobe 8s are comfortable.

TH: Style and Clothing go hand and hand with sneakers for obvious reasons. What are some of your favorite clothing brands out there that you love and support?

NIA: Crooks and Castles, Hustle Gang, Nike, NDGO (an IG clothing brand @ndgocollective), MKL Collective and Dimepiece.

TH: Who are your top 5 must follow Instagram sneaker personalities and why?

NIA: @ndgo_jordan because he has a large and different variety of sneakers that does not only consist of jordans and nikes and I also respect his unique style in regards to clothing.

@naterobinson not only because he is my favorite NBA player, but because he loves jordans and has a complex variety of shoes that most people have no even seen in their lifetime. All in which he plays basketball in.

@kicks0l0gy because I have never seen a female with a collection so large, she truly shows that she is not just an average sneakerhead looking for recent releases, by what she post.

@uptown2k I think that he is a must follow because not only does he have a crazy collection, but his photography skills are amazing.

@teyanataylor because she has her own style that cannot be duplicated. I think she aspires female sneakerheads to think outside the box.

TH: If you could be a Nike executive for the day what specific shoe and colorway would you retro immediately and why?

NIA: Royal Foamposites in Grade school sizes because this is the first pair of foams that ever came out and as soon as I saw them I fell in love with foams, but they have yet to be created for my shoe size.

TH: What is a shoe you love that maybe doesn’t get hyped up or shown as much love as a retro Jordan or Lebron shoe?

NIA: New Balances. They’re way more comfortable than both jordans and lebrons, and also have several different colorways. Most people sleep on them and it is the shoe you do not see in everyone’s collection.

TH: Any last words of wisdom or advice for the people out there?

NIA: Shoes are not about hype. Buy and wear what you like, regardless of what others may think. That is what truly makes a sneakerhead stand out.

TH: Where can everyone find and follow you on social media?

NIA: My Twitter and Instagram names are both: @_QueenNiaa Tumblr: queenniaa.tumblr.com

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