TH: First off can we get a little intro for the people who may not be familiar? Name, Age, Hometown & Occupation?

ROCKY: Hey everyone my name is Rocky Gonzalez, some ppl might know me as @CaliRockzSB on Instagram. I'm 23 years old, I reside in Los Angeles, CA where I was born & raised. I currently attend MI of Hollywood.

TH: Anyone who knows you and has followed your Instagram knows the #KostonFridays movement you started. Are you still as heavy into the Kostons or has the love for the shoe fell off any?

ROCKY: That's a very good question that I get asked often. It's not that my love for the shoe has fell off. I love the Koston 1 shoe, just not in love with the Koston 2 shoe. I don't like it at all and that's why I haven't purchased a single one. Hopefully the Koston 3 will catch my eye.

TH: I know your also a big lover of the Nike Air Max 90 especially the Infared colorway. What is it about that specific shoe and colorway that stays #1 on your list?

ROCKY: It all goes back to the story that my really good friend Ronnie Saurage & Marc Verret told me. They explained to me that back in the day the "see through bubble" in that shoe was historical and people were mind blown back in the day.

I realized that it was a big deal back in the day and I wanted to start buying them more often and appreciate the sneaker like they did. They're also very comfortable & also give me an inch of two on my height ahaha

TH: What other newer shoes that have released this year have caught your eye as of late?

ROCKY: Kobe 8's, Flyknit Lunar's and I can't think of anything else.

TH: Out of all the specific shoe materials that are released nowadays what is your favorite and why? ie: Suede, Leather, EM, Patent Leather, Elephant Print etc.

ROCKY: I really like EM. The Engineered Mesh Material is awesome, light, easy to clean and breathable. I have a couple of EM Air Max 90's and 1's.

TH: Does living in the LA area influence your specific style and sneaker choices and if so how?

ROCKY: Living in LA is a pro and con. Pro because it's easier to find sneakers that you want. Con because the style out here is really over saturated. Once a celebrity does something EVERYONE out here is mimicking it. It's really annoying. So to answer the question, no it doesn't influence me. I try to be the opposite of everyone as much as possible. "Leaders Are Hard To Come By, Followers Are Omnipresent".

TH: I know your really heavy into the Diamond Supply Co. movement even getting the Diamond tat on your neck. What is it about Diamond and what they represent that connects with you specifically?

ROCKY: Ahahaha man it's crazy & kinda funny that you ask that. Here's the thing, the Diamond tattoo on my neck doesn't necessarily only represent Diamond Supply Co. The Diamond is my birthstone and I think that's why I love Diamonds so much (doesn't everyone). Now the one on my hands fully represents Diamond Supply Co. but the one on my neck doesn't necessarily. 

Diamond Supply Co. connects with me in the way that BEFORE it wasn't a blown up clothing brand. It was cool for skaters and kinda underground. I really digged the materials and everything they released. Everything also had a Diamond on it so of course it attracted my attention.

TH: Name you biggest guilty pleasure that some people would be surprised to know about you.

ROCKY: Biggest guilty pleasure huh? Ahahaah I don't even know man, ummmm, hmmmm, I GUESS a guilty pleasure of mine would be Carne Asada Fries from a place called Alberts.

TH: If you could be a Nike executive for the day what would be the one specific shoe/colorway you would retro immediately and why?

ROCKY: Wow, now THAT'S a tough question. It's tough considering that I really don't like retro's. But if I REALLY have to pick one I'd pick the Tiffany SB Dunk. Only cause I didn't have the money at the time to get that sneaker and I really wanted it when it came out. But of course this is a situation where I have NO choice BUT to choose something. Ahahaha

TH: Any last words for the people out there? 

ROCKY: Someone once told me "You're never better than anyone you're around, there is always someone better than you".

So with that being said stay true, humble, never forget where you came from and always be willing to help someone. Don't be afraid to be different than everyone else and to try new things.

TH: Where can everyone find you on social media?

ROCKY: Instagram @CaliRockzSBTwitter @CaliRockzSB and you guys can even follow my cool dog on Instagram @Thor_The_Terrier.

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