TH: Can we get a little intro for the people who may not be familiar? Name, Age, Hometown & Occupation?

CRIS: My name is Cris, I go by "crisone / crisuno" on the Forums, I'm 37 yrs old, born/raised in Daly City Ca. and I work at a Hospital (Central Supply/Distribution) and Online Footwear, Apparel, & Accessory Consign.

TH: Anyone who is a real sneakerhead from back in the day should know your name right away as one of the "OG's" in the sneaker culture. I remember personally myself from back when NikeTalk first started you were one of the heavyweights that really did things the right way. The way things are nowadays in the sneaker world with bots resellers everywhere you look and all the bad things that come with it do you ever find yourself pulling away from the game or are you immersed as ever into it?

CRIS: Both I would say, there's days where I would say, "Fuck this shit, I don't need all these Shoes.....", then start selling off my stuff.....then later find myself buying everything back, haha, yeah, "immersed as ever into it".

TH: Even though there are a lot of negatives to the sneaker game as it stands today what would you say is the best thing about it now compared to back in the day?

CRIS: The BEST thing is how easy things can get searched/obtained for now....with the internet, social media, etc.

TH: Can you remember what the one shoe was that started your sneaker obsession and why?

CRIS: Yes, Puma Baskets back in the early 80's when I was Break-dancing, and the reason why is because they had a variety of colors, and with matching Fat Laces, shit was Fresh!!!!!!!!!

TH: If you were a Nike executive for the day what would be the one specific shoe/colorway that you would retro immediately and why?

CRIS: There's one Nike I remember back in the day, I believe around 88'-89', it would be the all-black Air Trainer with Elephant/Cement print with Red accents, and because it's the first shoe that pops in my mind when I think of Vintage Nikes and use to have.

TH: What shoe do you hope never gets retro'd and stays a true "OG"?

CRIS: Hmm, hard to say, they pretty much all been Retro'd when it comes to mind, haha.

TH: Out of all the various materials that are used on sneakers what is the one go to that always gets you every time? ie: Suede, Patent Leather, Elephant Print, Safari etc.

CRIS: Perforated Leather.

TH: Name your specific favorite shoe/colorway from the following categories: Air Jordan, Nike Air Max, New Balance, Vans.

CRIS: Air Jordan: 1/Black-Red, Nike Air Max: 87'-1/Safari (Atmos), New Balance: MT580/WestNYC Alpines, Vans: Chukkas 003 Wtaps/Black-White.

TH: If you had to wear one shoe for the rest of your life what would it be and why?

CRIS: Nike Roshe Run and because they're comfortable for your everyday.

TH: With 2013 almost behind us what has been your favorite release of the year?

CRIS: First comes to mind, Air Jordan 1 Royal.

TH: Out of all your shoes that you own what specifically was the hardest to get ahold of and why?

CRIS: Nike Air Max 1 Kid Robot (Black/Pink)....it took me 3-4 years of non-stop searching for this shoe, with the variety attempts of fraud, "flakers", etc...but when I was just about to give up, they found me.

TH: Besides sneakers name your biggest guilty pleasure that people would be surprised to know about you.

CRIS: I listen to Cha-Cha music (the kind you hear at Filipino gatherings) in my truck, real loud, with the windows rolled-up, singing along........and know how to dance the Cha-Cha.

TH: Any last words to the people out there?

CRIS: Be cool, stay in school.....if you resort to Violence, you already lost......haha, for real though...buy what you like, not what other people like.

TH: Where can everyone find you on social media?

CRIS: Instagram: @crisone, Twitter (even though I'm not active on it): @crisonecrisuno

Stop by my site/blog and check out how much I lag at updating: crisone.net

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