TH: First off can we get a little intro? Name, HomeBase and Occupation?

STE WING: Ste Wing, Manchester, UK.

I've been working in the fashion industry for 12 years now specializing as a freelance stylist as well as hair stylist. I've worked on both London and Paris fashion week and styled numerous high profile clients. 

Being a finalist 4 times then winning the title of Barber of the year and being part of numerous artistic teams. This has enabled me to be able to work allover the world gaining trust and respect from clients and brands.

Working and travelling the globe has given me an insight and influencial knowledge within fashion and style.

During this time I've also been regarded as a style icon by my peers in Manchester, Europe and worldwide.

I've worked with some of the biggest fashion houses and brands including being a brand agent and representing the brands worldwide.

I've been gifted with a vision as a creative which has seen my work published in numerous industry magazines including ID, Dazed and confused, Highsnobiety and Complex.

TH: Can you tell us a little more about OAOVISION and what it’s all about?

STE WING: OAO VISION is a movement and a lifestyle. Let it be fashion, arts, music... a place for creatives all around the world from all walks of life to come together and network. It is also my hub to showcase my work and services and to meet my clients needs.

TH: How would you define or classify your personal style?

STE WING: I don't really know to be honest, I'm just being myself. I always have done that, never followed a trend. I've just taken inspiration and done my own thing with it. 

I'm known for being able to mix classic pieces with current fashion… I've always been told my personality comes out with my style.

TH: What is the one current trend out there that you wish would just go away for good?

STE WING: Trends come with fashion and they come and go its like a vicious circle…ha.

TH: There are a lot of sheep out there in the fashion world but you definitely have a unique look that many may want to copy. What would you say to that person who is wanting to copy a person’s look and style?

STE WING: This is something that I try to push. Yes I get people trying to copy and imitate my style from head to toe in some cases. All I would say is take inspirations, but the bottom line is BE YOURSELF!!!

In this industry people can see straight through it. It's easy to tell the originals from the copies.

TH: What do you consider the most important factor to having a good style?

STE WING: As I said before it's just all about being yourself. This will bring out the real you and personal style.

TH: Besides your phone what is the one item you have to have with you before you walk out of the door every day?

STE WING: I guess it would have to be my silver skull ring from THE GREAT FROG LDN.

TH: Besides clothing what is your biggest guilty pleasure?

STE WING: It would definitely be sneakers or tattoos.

TH: You also have a fairly heavy sneaker game. What has been your favorite pickup of 2013 so far?

STE WING: Thanks... of 2013 it would have a close call between the Nike Flyknit or the Nike Air Max 90 Red Independence Day.

TH: Any last words for the people out there?

STE WING: Follow the OAO movement and always be yourself! Live life to the fullest and dream big!

There is nothing in this lifetime you cannot achieve!

TH: Where can everyone find you on social media?

STE WINGInstagram: @ste_wing

Twitter: @ste_wing

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