Custom Nike Hang Tags by @NikeNate21

The custom sneaker world has always been a mainstay in the culture for years now with all of the different materials and paints people use today its amazing the things people are able to do. But what about a much more simple yet just as effective way to make your favorite pair of Nike's your own?

Look no further than @NikeNate21 which you can find on Instagram here. He has taken the iconic Nike Air Hang Tag that we all know and love and is able to flip it to show your personal name, logo, nickname I mean the posibilities are endless. As seen above in this amazing shot by Andy Diaz, which you can also follow here, the effect is really eye popping especially when its done on a shoe as classic as the Air Jordan VI.

If your still not convinced continue below for some additional detailed photos showing the posibilities of what Nate can do for you. Make sure to head on over to Instagram and follow him at @NikeNate21 and contact him directly by email at nherko21@yahoo.com for purchase inquiry information.



  1. Nike Nate - my homie is killing the game!

  2. how do you order i need quite a few

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