The Shrine Sneaker Pack by Shrine Rack

The guys over at Shrine Rack are at it again this time with a new groundbreaking product they call The Shrine Sneaker Pack. This innovative backpack designed specifically for the sneakerhead that needs a weekend travel backpack that perfectly holds several pairs of sneakers as well as additional compartments for clothing and other accessories.

They made a great video to help fund this Kickstarter project which you should take a look at below to really get a feel for how this bag works.

After looking at the video I can't see any sneakerhead out there not wanting to pick one of these up immediately as we all know how difficult and akward it can be to transport your kicks as well as everything else in one compact piece of luggage. You can help fund this backpack now at the official Kickstarter page here and we really do recommend it because its the only way the bag will come to fruition for a full release to the public.

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