TH: First off can we get a quick intro for the people who may be unfamiliar? Name, Age, Occupation & Hometown?

LUCE: I go by Luce, I'm 22 years old (i’ll be 23 in march), I currently do styling and promotion for clothing/ lifestyle brands, personal shopper, and producer.

TH: If you could name or classify your personal style in one word what would that be and why?

LUCE: Dark

TH: Trends come and go especially in the fashion/streetwear world. Can you single out a couple current trends that you see floating around that you wish would die?

LUCE: I honestly hate the all over print trend, which I feel is dying out now anyway. I was a victim to that trend and gladly moved on rather quick.

TH: Anyone looking at your Instagram page has to be instantly inspired by the looks and photography that is featured. How has the response been from your followers and comments that are left on a daily basis?

LUCE: People love it, especially the fact that I don't show my face which adds to the mystique and darkness of my pictures style direction.

TH: With how great of a medium Instagram has become within the Streetwear, Fashion and Sneaker culture can you name your top 5 style/fashion influencers that you personally look to and follow for dope inspiration on Instagram?

LUCE: Jerry Lorenzo (@JERRYLORENZO), Kanye west (even tho he has no IG everyone posts pics of him all day), and My hommies Sergui Jurca (@SERGIUJURCA) from Germany, Afeez (@DOPE4ever_) from Miami, and Ste Wing (@STE_WING) from UK.

TH: Of course we all have our favorite heavyweight brands out there we love, but what are some more underground or not as well known names out there that you show love to as well?

LUCE: Of course I appreciate all the brands that have supported me but some of the best underground clothing out right now come from Represent Clothing, TribeMIA, Elegvncy Pvris, Badlands Supply co, Easy Money Clothing, and Poise x Collective.

TH: What would you say is the key to having a great personal style?

LUCE: The key to having great personal style is simple finding a way to express yourself the best way possible, not trying to fit into a style that doesn't compliment you. If you look good in street clothes wear street clothes, if not, don’t. People can tell when your faking.

TH: Besides fashion and sneakers what would you say is your biggest guilty pleasure?

LUCE: I have been producing since I was 17, Im addicted to making music.

TH: With how big of an influence Kanye West is on both the Fashion and Sneaker culture we have to ask what are your opinions on the whole Nike and Adidas fiasco? And what do you expect to come out of the Adidas partnership that is coming soon?

LUCE: I think Kanye should of stayed with Nike, I also think Nike should of given Kanye the deal he wanted; the hype Ye brings to any endeavor is unreal. I also think Kanye will definitely bless the world with something we can only dream about with adidas like he does with anything else, especially with the amount of freedom he has been given.

TH: There are always staple pieces that are go to items on the daily whether it is in fashion or sneakers. What would you say are your personal staple items both clothing and sneaker wise that you always gravitate back to regardless of current trends and looks?

LUCE: Clothing wise, some of my need to have everyday items are and oversized tee and my necklace given to me by my grandfather before his passing. Sneaker wise, if i’m not wearing my Yeezys or Balenciagas I’m wearing a pair of Jordan 1 retros, I have about 10 pairs.

TH: Any last words of wisdom or advice for the people out there?

LUCE: Have fun doing whatever it is you do, if your not having fun doing it, its not worth it. Sounds corny and cliche but its the truth.

TH: Where can everyone find and follow you on social media?

LUCE: You can follow me on tumblr: luxeluce00.tumblr.com,  Instagram: @LuxeLuce00 @Mekaville_uk, Twitter: @Mekaville_uk Email: luxeluce00@gmail.com & mekavillebeats@gmail.com.

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