TH: First off can we get a quick intro for the people unfamiliar? Name, Age, Occupation & Hometown?

LISA: My name is Lisa Lee, I am originally from Northern Calfifornia, the Bay area, but I recently moved to Los Angeles to finish my second year at FIDM (Fashion institute of Design & Merchandising) I am not currently employed but I am interning or beginning and trying out with Gypsum Style.

TH: Have you always had an interest in fashion? Can you remember what first initially sparked your interest in the fashion culture?

LISA: Since I was little I loved going shopping with my mom and dressing up. It was just something that I loved to do for fun. As I was growing up, I was always trying to be super trendy in all the latest styles that were out. I never thought of going into the fashion industry as I was in high school. I never thought it was an option, because I always thought it was something that I wouldn't be able to pursue.

As I went to a Junior College after high school because of being so lost in what I wanted to do in life, I began posting on social media websites my outfits and such. Sooner or later it kind of just blew up from there. My followers that I've gained has most definitely inspired and motivated me to pursue fashion as a career.

TH: In fashion, just like a lot of other industries, trends come and go. What are some of your personal favorite hot trends at the moment and why?

LISA: I love anything high waisted. This trend came a little while ago, but its still going on strong! You will never catch me wearing anything that actually sits where jeans are suppose to end! And I just love how high waisted clothing fits on my body and how it looks with everything I wear.

TH: What are some current trends that you shake your head at and wish would just go away?

LISA: I'm not really into those printed shirts with matching skirts or leggings that have pizza or Drake heads all over them. I feel like it looks so childish and tacky! I don't know, just not my style haha.

TH: You personally have a very diverse and unpredictable style presence about you which some would consider to be the key to great style. How would you classify your daily style in one word? And why?

LISA: Versatile. Like you said, I have a diverse and unpredictable style. I feel like depending on my mood when I wake up, I can dress totally girly with pastel colors and heels one day.. and then the next I can be wearing all black with chunky platforms.

TH: Name your top 5 high fashion brands that you love and also name your top 5 more affordable everyday brands that you admire as well.

LISA: High fashion- Alexander McQueen, Kenzo, Barba Bui, Philipp Plein, Valentino.

Affordable Brands- Forever 21, American Apparel, Rehab.

TH: Besides fashion what would you say is your biggest guilty pleasure?

LISA: Sleeping, eating, and drinking boba. I can do that for the rest of my life.

TH: Besides your phone name one thing you absolutely cannot leave the house without?

LISA: My credit card!

TH: Name one celebrity or entertainer that you have always looked up to and admired as a style icon.

LISA: I love the Olsen twins!

TH: There are always staple pieces that everyone should have in there closet. What would you recommend to other girls out there as must have "staple" and "versatile" pieces of clothing/accessories?

LISA: Basics are your best friend. Having your favorite skinny jeans, or pants, or favorite basic tops are always essentials or when you dress up and wear clothing. You always need to wear basics to complete a full outfit.

TH: Any last words of wisdom or advice for the people out there?

LISA: Do what you love. Life is all about being happy and finding who you are, so aim high cause you can make it happen.

TH: Where can everyone find and follow you on social media and the internet?

LISA: lisa-lee.net and follow me on IG at Hilisaa!

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