10 Best YouTube Sneaker Channels

YouTube has quickly become one of the best sources for information, reviews and just great visuals for anyone who is a sneaker lover. There are millions of sneaker related videos out there but we have narrowed them down to our top 10 favorite channels currently on YouTube. Make sure to continue below for the full list and also click the link to each channel and make sure to subscribe for up to date videos from the cultures best of the best.


GTFan712Productions has been one of our go to and favorite sources for amazing HD quality sneaker videos updated nearly on a daily basis. If your heavy into runners from New Balance, Asics, Nike and the rest this is a channel you must check out even though he still occationally shows love to Jordan retros as well. His WDGTWT (What Did GT Wear Today) series is also one of the dopest out there showcasing whats on his feet for the day with amazing on feet visuals.


MR FOAMER SIMPSON always brings that quality production and hilarious play by play analysis of the latest and greatest kicks in the sneaker world. There may not a more entertaining sneaker channel on the web today leaving you in stitches after each video hits replay. All of the hilarious commentary aside, Fomie still gives detailed specifics on your favorite kicks giving you that good sneaker review information you came for in the first place.


THESNEAKERADDICT aka DJ Delz delivers up to the date in depth reviews of the latest releases of the week more often than not gives you some before they release visuals before the shoe hits retail. DJ Delz also blesses us with an always welcome on foot look which can sometimes make or break a shoe. DJ Delz keeps it short and sweet with no filler in his videos so thumbs up for that... no skipping needed here.

Elisha Johnthunder

There may not be a more beautifuly shot drool worthy sneaker channel than Elisha Johnthunder. His videos are just straight creamy goodness with nothing but the shoe and the sweeping HD visuals to soak in. With a style and look all his own, Elisha Johnthunder is destined to be a go to source to many more subscribers than he currently has. Jordans, Runners or High Fashion it doesent matter what the shoe Elisha Johnthunder has you covered.

Jordan Geller

Jordan Geller is the man behind the infamous ShoeZeum and he also has this dope Youtube channel showcasing different specific themed packs from his massive and legendary collection. His knowledge of each individual shoe is unparalleled. His passion and love for sneakers is apparent with each amazing video he posts so make sure to give him a visit for some of rarest sneakers on the planet.


Trinidad James brings his love of sneakers to YouTube with his weekely Camp James 1st and 15th episodes showcasing some of the weeks newest releases in detail as well as some of his old pickups from the vault as well. James is a true lover of sneakers which you know is real as soon as you see how much detail and effort he and the Gold Gang crew put into each one of their videos.

Kicks On Court

If your looking for more of a performace and on court review than there is only one place to go and thats Kicks On Court. His channel is dedicated to giving the best on court reviews not only of the latest sneakers that have just released but also of some older classic kicks from years back. He really gives some much needed information for anyone who actually balls in their kicks which really is what shoes are for at the end of the day right?


DaClosetCollector aka BlackSanta24 has been around for years giving you that early sneak peek access that few can compete with. If your looking for an in depth review and impression on some of the shoe games most popular releases months and months before they actually hit shelves than this is your spot.


NiceKicks always brings the heat with up to date coverage and insight into the games biggest names. Their Kicks on Court, Sneak Peek and Whats new at Nice Kicks features are some of the best in the game. Head here if your looking for inside information straight from NBA players mouths and video interviews with some of the games biggest names.


KurtzerTech brings great visuals to the screen with his in depth reviews on a wide range of current releases on a weekly basis. His informative and well shot videos always provide that HD look and feel you need when your looking for a sneaker review. He also gives those neccessary on foot looks as well which we always love to see so make sure to go check him out.

Hes Kicks

Hes Kicks really is one of the best sources for the most informative and in depth sneaker reviews hands down. He is always dropping dope unboxings, sneaker throwbacks and also has a podcast on his channel called "KickCast" covering everything in the world of sneakers. Make sure to give him a look it's a must watch channel.


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