10 Brands We're Excited For In 2014

In the Streetwear/Menswear world there are plenty of options, trends and companies that come and go year in and year out. A select few really make a true impact every year moving the culture in the right direction with dope pieces, high level quality and still remaining in touch with the people that purchase the product.

This is our list of the 10 Brands We're Excited For In 2014. Keep in mind this is our list and our list only. Each one of these brands has already made their mark in their respective lane and are sure to blow up into a whole new level here in 2014. So without further ado in no particular order here is our list of the 10 Brands We're Excited For In 2014.

Badlands Supply Co.

Based out of Sydney, Australia., this fairly new label has been making huge waves with several of their standout pieces including the Pinstripe Baseball Jersey, Tonal Jersey and the BAD Football Jersey. Make sure to check them out immediatly before the masses truly start to flock there way in big numbers.


Admirable has been building a strong following over the past year and we are looking forward to see what they bring to the table for 2014. Their timeless pieces all are held to the highest standards in the industry and you can count on them to flip some of your more classic brands philosophies upside down with their dope "Dead Lauren" and "Louis Villain" pieces.

Premium Co.

Premium Co. is hands down one of the illest all around brands out there. While they may be more popular for their various gold pieces and accessories they also make some of the best joggers and tops around. Their line of Neoprene Hoodies and Jogger Pants were an instant hit when they dropped and sold out within minutes. Look for some major moves from the DC based company in 2014 for sure.


LA based Stampd is the perfect example of minimal perfection. Everything they release just oozes class and precision quality as soon as you lay eyes on it. Whether its their "GODS" Jersey, "No Fucks Given" Snapback or amazing "Elongated" tees you simply cannot go wrong with any piece from their current line up. 2014 is definetly going to be a landmark year for the company.


Another Los Angeles based brand really doing it right is PhreshCru. Their popular "Chronic Leaf" Jersey has already been spotted on some of the Hip Hop communities biggest names like Dom Kennedy, Wiz Khalifa, YG and Diddy himself. PhreshCru prides itself on staying true to its LA based roots and the whole Hip-Hop, Sports, Lowriding and Tattoo culture that exists within the city. Make sure to check them out now and we cannot wait to see what tricks they have in store for 2014.


We all know how much of an impact the Hip-Hop culture has on fashion as a whole which is a perfect segway into PieceGods. Their incredibly dope "TRAP" Bucket Hat is what first caught our eye with the brand with each piece they make sharing that same "TRAP" theme. Definetly look out for them in 2014 for some big things.

Aime Leon Dore

NYC based Aime Leon Dore is still a very new name in the streetwear/menswear industry but boy have they done things the right way in the small amount of time they have been here. They released one of the hands down cleanest lookbooks of 2013 and recently just opened up their online store for the world to get a taste of what they offer. 2014 is sure to be a landmark year for the brand and dont be surprised to see several respected names in the industry echo those exact words.

Represent Clo

UK based Represent Clo has perfected the whole "Luxury Streetwear" look and last year was a great example of that. They have truly mastered the whole layering and elongated top look that has quickly become a mainstay within the culture. All of their garments feature second to none construction and amazing materials on top of that. Make sure to keep an eye out for them in 2014 with several new collections set to drop for the world to snatch up without question.


Las Vegas based KNYEW has really been gaining momentum with each collection and that couldnt be any more evident than with their latest "Drifter" Collection. They really are stepping things up both design and construction wise with dope cuts and classic lines. You can look for major things from the brand in 2014 both with new pieces and classic re-issues like their best selling KNYEW Hocky Jersey.

Reigning Champ

Every closet needs several well made and classic basics and when it comes to that section of the streetwear/menswear catalog there is none better than Reigning Champ. They have been producing some of the best fitting, well made and just hands down must have basics for some time now and with their last two collabs with Everlast and DSPTCH we see big things for the brand here in 2014.

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