15 Illest Instagram Feeds for Daily Streetwear & Menswear Inspiration

Welcome to our list of the 15 illest Instagram feeds for daily streetwear and menswear inspiration. Instagram has become one of the best go to sources for any and everything that has to do with fashion and style. It can be quite hard to find consistant, original and just plain dope feeds in the streetwear and menswear lanes.

In no particular order, these are our personal favorite top 15 feeds that we follow daily ( follow us here on IG) for the most consistant and illest inspiration for anything that has to do with streetwear/menswear. Make sure to continue below for the full list in whole with direct links to each persons personal profile on Instagram so you can follow them immediately as well.


@airlarr has had one of our favorite feeds since way back in the day. He always manages to put together some of the most solid and cleanest outfits together from head to toe. No matter what current trends are popping at the moment you can always rely on @airlarr to give you that heat that never goes out of style.


@wujeksuri gives off that hard to match, never trying to impress anyone look and still manages to kill everything in sight with ease. This is the type of never dated, always fresh and hard to beat look that few can perfect but @wujeksuri does it with a low key swag that some can only hope to one day attain.


@batangsmallville not only kills any outfit he snaps on IG but he also has some of the best sneaker photography skills on the gram. When you combine the two you really have one of the best yin and yang streetwear/sneaker feeds you can find on IG by a large margin.


@luxeluce00 has really perfected his personal look which you can see as soon as you pull his IG feed up. A look that mimicked by many but only a few can pull of the right way, @luxeluce00 takes certain inspirations and makes it his own like nobody else can. With a clothing line already in the works, LucianoRepublic, he is already making big moves so catch on now.


@vls_joo has one of the most unique and one of a kind looks on the daily that can be found on IG. His outfits are truly his own and sometimes only looks that the man himself can pull off. It is a very good lesson in fashion though which is to be yourself and make your look your own. Dont follow others and be a true trailblazer like @vls_joo.


@tvnki really does an amazing job of putting together extremely minimal and timeless looks that look even better thanks to the great photography paired with it. The package together makes all of @tvnki's looks unique and something that is only the type of inspiration you can find on his feed.


@kedecc has some of the best inspiration to be seen on IG of course because of his amazing style but also the dope #Outfitgrid layouts he provides all the time. The minimal and classy look of his feed just screams originality and perfection which is more than enough of a reason to check him out.


With a name like @princeinjeans you would think its hard to live up that moniker but he really does. Hands down some of the most inspiring looks you will find on IG and we can say that with complete authority. He has a way of taking some of the best specific pieces and making them all work together in a way that only he can.


Wether you know it or not @makxai has probably influenced some of the best looks in the streetwear and menswear world. He has always had one of the craziest feeds on IG for a long time now and his swag and look just keeps on going upwards. @makxai is really ones of the biggest influences in the game which is evident as soon as you pull up his feed.


@ste_wing really kills it everytime he posts a shot on IG with his extremely original and authentic look that is truly his own. From head to toe @ste_wing always stays winning and provides some of the best visuals with his amazing pieces that he has gathered over his travels. Make sure to check him out now you wont regret it for a second.


Young @ksace_ is not only a must follow on IG but you have to follow him on Twitter too trust us. Hailing from NY @ksace_ always manages to have a dope and unique style all his own years beyond his age. Make sure to give him a look now as he has really been killing it in more ways than one.


@asapptyler always brings that dope Yeezy inspired look but still manages to make it his own with his personal style and flare. Not only does he have some of the dopest outfits on the gram but his sneaker game is extremely deep with many heaters always on foot for your viewing pleasure. Make sure to check him out now if your into both fashion and sneakers as he kills both.


@dope4ever_ is literally that... dope for ever. His looks are some of the best out there in the streetwear/menswear world and his following is massive. Already with one extremely successful drop under his belt with his Afeez x Art tee, plans are already in motion for a follow up which is sure to be big. Make sure to follow him now not only for updates on future projects but just for plain dope streetwear influence on the daily.


@pasquiat really comes correct with everything he shares on IG with a great mix of streetwear and high fashion pieces for your viewing pleasure. His monotone looks are a perfect example of someone who knows exactly the right way to put a look together that screams minimal excellence. His IG feed is definetaly one of the best out there so check it out now.


As soon as you pull up @dannygonewild's feed you get sucked right into the incredibly dark and ill looks that he puts together with ease. If your really into the dark streetwear look then this is hands down the feed to check out without question. Pair all of that with some of the best photography on IG and you have a perfect match that is hard to beat. His photos look as if they should be printed in a magazine at times and not on Instagram they are that good.


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