Is the AF1 Officially Back?

They say everything always comes in cycles and what is truly a classic will always remain. Could this be exactly why it seems as of late that the classic Air Force 1 is making a steady comeback? In recent months the silouette has seen some extremely solid colorways and collabs drop all but making you pay respect to one of the original sneakers that brought the sneaker culture to where it is today.

While many true AF1 lovers will argue that the shoe never left the limelight you have to at least admit it fell off for a few years with other silouettes taking over and of course the Jordan craze that has always existed but now is at an all time high. There isn't one specific recent release that stands as a landmark example of the AF1's comeback but the amount of solid releases under it's belt within the past few months is truly hard to deny.

If you need some visual proof that the icon is back to it's true form then check below for 15 of our personal favorite releases over the past 12 months. We can't wait to see what Nike has in store for this all time classic shoe with new and ground breaking versions that will make you go back and dig out some of those old AF1's you forgot about in your stash.


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