TH: First off can we get a quick intro for the people unfamiliar? Name, Age, Occupation & Hometown?

BRITTANY: Brittany, 26, violinist and equally as important, I'm a part time violin teacher and lucky enough to teach little ones to love music! I was born and raised in northern Nj and still reside right outside of NYC! 

TH: 2014 has already been filled with plenty of good releases. Do you have an early favorite as of yet?

BRITTANY: I unexpectedly fell in love with the entire Kobe Prelude pack! The fusion of a signature shoe made in unique and artistic color ways made them an early favorite of 2014. 

TH: Do you think being a female in the sneaker culture is harder than the majority of people which are guys? If so why?

BRITTANY: I haven't personally felt any negativity due to gender and I'm very blessed to have support from both my friends and family! Yet I have seen more than a few instances of harsh criticism on social media directed to BOTH genders, as well as assumptions regarding female sneaker collectors. There is an unspoken pressure to buy/wear/style sneakers in a specific manner and I think the sneaker culture could evolve and grow into a more accepting community in general. 

Being a musician, I notice great similarities between the sneaker and music world...no matter one's age, gender or race, two musicians have a common bond, just as two sneaker collectors will. And I'll continue enjoying sneakers with friends of every walk of life!

TH: If you could give one piece of advice or recommendation to the heads of Nike/Jordan from the people on the way things are ran currently what would that be?

BRITTANY: I'd request that Nike would be clearer with release information... especially regarding GS sizes. I, as well as many who wear smaller sizes, have had moments of confusion whether a specific shoe is releasing in our sizes. I'd also ask them to bring back women's Jordans! 

The shoes produced now for gs/women's sizes are usually confined to a few dominant color ways. Some of my all time favorite shoes are women-exclusive Jordans, ("Citrus" 11 lows, "Sunset" 5s) and I know just as many men that would try to get their hands on larger sizes! 

TH: Out of all your sneakers what was the hardest one to get your hands on and why?

BRITTANY: One of the perks of wearing GS sizes is the availability with releases. So when I'm thrown into a release that only has small men's sizes, I'm definitely out of my element. I don't have a specific shoe that was the most difficult to get, but any pair of Ronnie Fieg/Asics collaboration has been tough to score and I celebrate when I find my size for retail!

TH: Do you remember what was the first shoe that really sparked your interest in sneakers? What about that shoe really did it for you?

BRITTANY: My most precious and valuable sneakers are a pair of 13 year old running shoes. They are the shoes that started it all...red suede and glitter Diesel sneakers and a gift from my Mom. They are also the first shoe I classified as an "accessory" and not just a Sneaker to wear to gym class. I still remember the feeling they gave me the first time I tied the laces and I still wear them, all these many years later! (My feet haven't grown since!)

TH: Besides the normal more popular Jordan or Nike releases what is a shoe that you still love just as much but maybe flys under the radar?

BRITTANY: I'm a huge fan of Supra sneakers! I love the cool vibe they add to any outfit and I can wear them with less casual outfits and not look too sporty.

TH: Besides sneakers what would you say is your biggest guilty pleasure?

BRITTANY: Candy and Red Bull. Fashion wise, I love everything and anything vintage, whether bags and heels or cool dresses from the 70s! 

TH: If you could be a Nike executive for the day what would be the one shoe/colorway you would retro immediately and why?

BRITTANY: I would retro the Cherrywood and Ginger Jordan 16s! 

TH: Even though you have a ton of sneakers what is the one specific shoe that if you had to wear every day for the rest of your life you would be cool with?

BRITTANY: If I was forced to choose a favorite sneaker (such a difficult choice!) I would have to pick my 1985 "Royal" Air Jordan 1's. The history behind that shoe makes it universally recognizable, regardless if you collect sneakers. Their aesthetic coolness and color ways transformed the entire shoe industry and changed the way people viewed athletic shoes. 

To me, they are the shoe that merged sneakers and style, proving sneakers could be worn out of the athletic environment. To others, they were the shoe that made them feel like Mike on the court. They also are simply a great looking shoe! And when I put on my pair for first time it was magic...everything was special, from the fit, to the colors and overall feel of that shoe. 

TH: Any last words of advice or wisdom to the people out there?

BRITTANY: My only advice is wear what you love and respect what others love as well! Style is defined not by a particular shoe or garment but being comfortable accepting and embracing who you are. Chose what makes you feel like yourself, whether crazy printed pants, colorful socks or dresses and Lebrons! 

TH: Where can everyone follow you on social media?

BRITTANY: You could find me on Instagram at @Britta_ruth920 and a member of @a_tribe_called_fresh

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