TH: Can we get a quick intro for the people who may be unfamiliar?

JBF: I started JBFcustoms about 6 years ago. In that time it has evolved from simple painted sneakers into reconstructions using the highest quality, most rare leathers available.

TH: There are literally hundreds of custom sneaker lanes you can venture down nowadays but the JBF Customs pairs always stand out to us just because of the high level of execution and the materials used from top to bottom with every pair you touch. What would you say ultimately separates your pieces from the other competitors out there?

JBF: I think you answered your own question there... No one else is really doing what I am.

TH: What was the first shoe that really sparked the love for sneakers that you have now? And why?

JBF: adidas shell toes. I don't know why, I've just always loved that shoe, especially the mids.

TH: You’ve used some of the craziest and rarest materials out there on the most iconic sneakers to touch pavement.

Has there maybe been a certain material that you really wanted to use but for whatever reason just did not come to fruition?

JBF: Not really, no. If I want to use it that badly I'll make it happen.

TH: Which sneaker would you say is the hardest to work with and why?

JBF: Yeezy's or Balenciagas. It's not so much that they're harder, but it's more stressful.

 If you mess up on shoes like those it can cost upwards of $1000 to fix it (buy a new base and start over).

TH: Is there a new sneaker or shoe you haven’t had the chance to customize that you are itching to get your hands on?

JBF: I just ordered a couple pairs of Tiempo mids. They're not new shoes by any means, but it will be my first time working on them and I really like that silhouette.

TH: Do you have a personal favorite from all of the finished customs you’ve done? And what about that shoe tops your list?

JBF: I just recently made myself some shark/croc bred 1s, those are my favorites right now. They top the list because they are mine hahaha.

It's the first time I've had the chance to do a personal pair in about a year.

TH: Without revealing too much what can we look forward to in the future from JBF Customs?

JBF: More shoes... and other cool things.

TH: Where can everyone find and follow JBF Customs on social media and contact you for work?

JBFJBFcustoms.com and @JBFcustoms on Instagram and Twitter.

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