Badged: Sneaker Mission Badges by Matt Stevens

Fresh from the mind of Matt Stevens is this set of images titled "Badged: Sneaker Mission Badges". We can talk all day and try to explain the theory behind them but lets let Matt explain it himself:

"I'm always on the hunt for a fun personal project. My only criteria is that it be "personal" and that I feel the energy to work on it and explore it. I had the random idea to do a set of space mission style badges combining my love of sneakers and badge design. I did a lot of research into mission patches for space travel and the military and wanted to try and capture some of that style. I used a combination of visual cues from the shoes themselves or from fun personal associations with the shoes or the athletes that endorsed them. These are the shoes I grew up and it was fun to try and capture something about each of them."

So without further ado check out the full set of images below as well as the one above as well. These are really some of our personal favorite works of sneaker art to come across our desk in some time now. Make sure to go check out Matt Stevens work directly here as well.


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