Brand Feature: Golden Denim

Today we take a look at one of our personal favorite pant makers hailing from the crowded streetwear/menswear scene of Los Angeles. Golden Denim has made a point to let their product do the talking which speaks for itself once you get your hands on a pair of their amazing and high quality pants which are available in several different cuts, washes, materials and prints. You should already know how difficult it can be to not only find a dope pair of pants or denim but to also find a pair that is somewhat affordable. While there of course are other brands out their doing their thing with various joggers and denim you can be hard pressed to find a pair that can rival Golden Denim's quality and still be able to come in under the $100 price point.

When you match their premium materials with their affordable price point and then throw on top of that just some of the straight up dopest prints and washes available there really isn't a reason that you shouldn't already be owning a pair as we speak. Make sure to head on over to their website directly here to purchase a pair today and also continue below for some of our personal favorites from their current line.


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