Hickies - Elastic Lacing System

Going back in the sneaker archives you can find some weird and just plain horrible sneaker accessories that have come out over the years with most of them falling flat on their faces and ultimately dying out. Hickies however looks to break that mold with their unique and sensible lace replacement system. The concept and product is extremely simple and we are kind of surprised this idea of some sort didn't happen a long time ago.

The product itself is made from an elastic material that is durable and expandable enough to basically turn any shoe you own into a slip on. While a true sneakerhead may frown upon this idea, just like we did at first, once we saw the product on the Nike Roshe Run it kind of just made sense. Especially if you have ever owned a shoe like the Roshe Run where you almost treat them as a slip on at times because of their form factor and overall comfort.

The laces themselves of course can be used on pretty much any shoe that has lace holes and even be used on boots with the possibilities being endless. Make sure to go check them out directly here to purchase a set now and continue below for a nice demo video of the product in action and a simple all white shot to show you what these can look like on the right shoe.


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