THCan we get a quick intro for the people who may be unfamiliar?

CHRISTIAN: I'm Christian Murphy; most of you guys know me as @asaprondo. I'm 15 years old currently in the 11th grade. My background is Jamaican.

TH: You have one of the nicest Yeezy x LV Kanye West collections we’ve seen in a minute and you were one of the few who got their hands of the infamous “Red Octobers”. All the hype aside how is the shoe itself and did it live up to your expectations?

CHRISTIAN: Thank you, honestly the Red Octobers is just an amazing shoe, especially since it is Kanye's last collaboration with Nike. Everything about the shoe is really good besides the factory flaws; such as glue stains and random marks on the back of the shoe. I can honestly say this is one of the nicest shoes I have ever owned.

TH: We’re the Red Octobers the hardest pair to attain in your collection or is there another shoe that was more of a struggle finally get?

CHRISTIAN: Since I ended up getting the Red Octobers early in December when few pairs were stolen out of factories and leaked to the public. It was a very hard shoe to obtain and knowing I got them before they release and I was one of the few people to own a pair.

Honestly the Patchwork Hudsons were the hardest shoe for me to get. This shoe was the first sneaker collaboration between esteemed hip-hop icon Kanye West and French Fashion house Louis Vuitton. These were only released to friends and family with only 24 pairs worldwide.

TH: What are your expectations for the upcoming Kanye x Adidas lineup?

CHRISTIAN: I think Kanye West has a huge masterpiece coming up with his Yeezy x adidas collaboration. Maybe even something with Big Sean since he is with adidas. But Kanye is a smart guy he will have something amazing for us sneaker heads.

TH: Can you remember what was the first shoe that really sparked your love of sneakers? And what about that shoe did it for you?

CHRISTIAN: The first shoe that really sparked my mind was 2001 bred 11s. The reason for that is because that was the first shoe that got me into sneakers I also have a pair in my collection as of now. When I first started doing sneakers I was a Jordan head, always loved the Air Jordan 11s.

TH: What is a shoe that maybe doesn’t get as much love or hype as some of the more popular Jordans/Nike’s but you still personally love just as much?

CHRISTIAN: Toro 4s really don’t get much attention. I love that shoe, my opinion it was the best Jordan to release in 2013. The red suede is very unique and unlike every general release the Toro 4s don’t crack as easy which is very good for people who wear their kicks.

TH: If you could give one piece of advice to the heads at Nike straight from the people to help make the sneaker culture better what would that be?

CHRISTIAN: Nike should give more heads up about releases, what they did with the Red Octobers was not cool. People who did not even know about the shoe got them. Other than that Nike is great.

TH: Besides sneakers what is your next biggest guilty pleasure?

CHRISTIAN: Besides sneaker I like to play basketball and do photography. I do photography on other stuff that isn’t sneakers.

TH: With Instagram and the sneaker culture so tightly attached at the hip who are your top 5 must follow sneaker personalities on Instagram and why?

CHRISTIAN: 1. @trill_miami - that’s my sneaker team they have a very dope page, and they always come out with heat.
2. @dope4ever_ always has heat and high end fashion
3. @Uptown2k - pictures are very clean, amazing guy
4. @whatthekicks - very sick page.
5. @sneakerwatch - great shout out page

TH: With some of the more notable releases already leaked for the year which shoe is currently on the top of your must have list for the year?

CHRISTIAN: Carmine 6s, very nice shoe I would get those to rock.

TH: Any last words of wisdom or advice for the people out there?

CHRISTIAN: To everybody you can do anything you put your mind to, I got robbed and thought my sneaker game was going to be over but I just grinded harder. Good luck and god bless everybody.

TH: Where can everyone find and follow you on social media?

CHRISTIAN: You can find me on Instagram @asaprondo or Facebook at Christian Rondo.

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