TH: Can we first get a quick intro for the people who may be unfamiliar?

JULIA: Hello my name is Julia. I am a 21 year old girl from Germany. I run a blog called xthecoldfrontx.tumblr.com. In my free time I do promotion and modeling for some fashion labels. I love tattoos, hardcore music, sneakers, my boyfriend and my cat :)

TH: What is it about the fashion culture itself that you love the most?

JULIA: I like that there are so many different styles and so many different people.

TH: What is the one thing that bothers or bugs you the most about the current state of the fashion industry?

JULIA: That there are so many clothing companies which sell cheap and qualitative bad clothes.

TH: Of course we all love our bigger name brands out there but what are some more under the radar labels out there that you love?

JULIA: There are soo many... I love to check out the boutiques of ASOS Marketplace or the sellers on Etsy. I really love P & Co Clothing and Vaccine Clothing.

TH: If you could describe your personal style in one word what would that be and why?

JULIA: Dark - because 90% of my wardrobe is black.

TH: Trends come and go in the fashion world just like any industry. What are some current trends that you see that you wish would just go away already?

JULIA: Socks with patterns, for example: hemp, beards, glasses, etc. Studded caps and leggings without wearing a long shirt or sweater over it.

TH: If you could give one piece of advice to other girls out there in regards to fashion and style what would that be?

JULIA: Good question. I would say just be yourself, wear what you want to wear. Don't give a fuck what other people think of your style, the important thing is to feel comfortable in what you wear.

TH: Besides fashion what is your biggest guilty pleasure?

JULIA: I love to eat a lot of candies and I know this is not good for my body but it is soo yummy :D

I always say "I don't need a new pair of shoes" and a few days later I have two new pairs of shoes in my wardorbe, hahaaaa.

TH: What are the top 5 items you cannot leave the house without?

JULIA: Mirror, Chapstick, Wallet, Key and my Phone.

TH: Any last words of wisdom or advice to the people out there?

JULIA: Live, Love and EAT.

TH: Where can everyone find and follow you on social media?

JULIA: Instagram: @thesoundofbreakingup and my website xthecoldfrontx.tumblr.com

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