Nike Look See Sample Theft Scheme Bust

You ever wonder where those crazy one off samples pop up from? Well looks as if we might have a little insight into the underground world of "Look See" samples and how a couple people got busted in a big way recently.

The Feds have busted two men, Tung Ho and Kyle Yamaguchi, for heading a theft scheme in which they would order one off samples straight from the factory and then steal the shoes for resale purposes. Ho worked as Nike's promo product manager which gave him the authority to order the shoes directly from the factory himself. He then intercepted the shoes when they were delivered to the Oregon headquarters, bagged them up and moved them to an off site storage facility. Some shoes were sold directly via Ho and the majority of them were then handed off to Kyle Yamaguchi who then acted as a middle man for the majority of the groups buyers which would pay thousands upon thousands for the pairs.

You can read the full story as well as read the official court records breaking everything down in detail directly here via The Smoking Gun.

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