Paperboy Wines: Paper Wine Bottles

We have to say we are shocked someone hasn't brought this idea to fruition sooner but the good people over at Paperboy Wines have really knocked this one out the park. It's hard to improve on the timeless look and feel of a glass wine bottle but after looking at what Paperboy Wines has come up with you can't do anything but tip your cap to them. What they have done is completly replace the standard and traditional glass bottle with a bottle made from 80% used corregated cardboard which is 85% lighter than a glass bottle. The ripple effect from this is that it costs much less for people to transport these bottles to and from the retailers thus helping the environment in the process which is yet another good thing that comes from using this bottle.

The overall look and feel of the bottle itself is amazing as you can see from the image above. Hopefully we can get our hands on a couple bottles and give you a first hand taste test to see if the good stuff inside holds up to the packagings high standards. Make sure to go check out their official website here for more information on everything they are doing and also look for these at most Safeway retailers nationwide if you want to pick up a bottle locally.

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