shoebox.art thumbs by snkr.art

Keeping your sneakers organized and most importantly easily available at any moment while still using the box that came with your beloved kicks is something that has yet to be perfected. You can buy racks, clear boxes and even just toss the original box but honestly who wants to do any of that? The crew from snkr.art has come up with an extremely creative and simple way to keep all of your sneakers in line and easily readable in an instant.

The way it works is you contact snkr.art directly here and let them know what you need and they basically color up individual thumb art pieces that you then apply to each box in your collection. The outcome when finished is something you have to appreciate that truly gives your sneaker stash a one of a kind look and feel. Make sure to go check snkr.art out directly here to purchase a set today and continue below for several examples of their finished product.


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