TODAYSHYPE Spotlight: HUF HR-1 Wu-Tang Edition

2014 has been a year to remember if your a true Hip-Hop fan with not only the 20th anniversary of Nas's Illmatic but also the 20th anniversary of Hip-Hop's most legendary and respected crew to ever touch a mic, the Wu-Tang Clan. To commemorate this landmark anniversary the New York legends teamed up with the crew from HUF on a special one time collection that pays homage to one of the most classic albums of all time, Enter the 36 Chambers.

We had the chance to get our hands on a pair to give you a first hand look from our eyes at just what the outcome is when you get a legendary group like Wu-Tang and a legendary company in the skate world like HUF together. The canvas they used is the HR-1 which is one of HUF's best models to date combining a runner with a boot feel making this a no brainer to collab on with Wu-Tang considering how big the boot culture and movement is in New York still to this day.

The shoe itself features several nice little touches like the stamped patch on the tongue, gold embossed Wu-Tang logo on the heel, rope laces, an icy portion of the bottom sole with gold fleck and one of our favorite touches has to be the insoles which feature the official artwork from Enter the 36 Chambers. So enough talking and make sure to continue below for some detailed shots of these bad boys and make sure to head on over to the HUF online store here to purchase a pair now while they still have a few left in stock.


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