TH: Can we first get a quick intro for the people who may be unfamiliar?

Endżel: My name is Angelika but everyone calls me Endżel (read: angel). I'm 22 and I study coprorate governance. I'm from Poznań, a city located in Poland.

TH: Do you remember a specific moment or person that really sparked your interest in fashion?

Endżel: As far as I remember I loved to have that disctinctive look. When I was 5 I used to steal my mom's clothes. However I think my love to fashion I took from my father, he always looks good.

TH: What is it about the fashion culture itself that you love the most?

Endżel: The most wonderful thing about fashion is that you can express yourself through it. The way we dress ourselves often describes our passions, lifestyle or even our personality. It gets even better when other people start to like it and you we can share it across different media like fashion blogs etc.

TH: What is the one thing that bothers or bugs you the most about the current state of the fashion industry?

Endżel: I'd say that the speed at which the world of fashion is progressing is decelerating as it is now harder and harder to find a completely new trend that has not been used in the past. This leads to a recurring pattern of trends, old ones get refreshed and get a new life after a long time. 

Another thing that needs to be added no matter what is the balance between prices and quality offered by some brands, you pay hundreds for a low-end item that your grandma would probably do better.

TH: Instagram has become an amazing tool and means to not only share your personal style with the world but to also find inspiration from others as well. Who are 5 people you follow that you recommend people check out for great fashion inspiration?

Endżel: @sergiujurca – great photos and style.

@charlybarly – woman with a “claw” and a wonderful taste.

@moderngypsy & @micahgianneli – queens of style and womanhood.

@elliotpage1 – professional at every inch.

TH: Of course we all love our bigger name brands out there but what are some more under the radar labels out there that you love?

Endżel: A great example would be UrbanFlawours, a smaller brand with great collections and quality. It is a brand that I check out regularly, definitely a must have.

TH: If you could describe your personal style in one word what would that be and why?

Endżel: ''Variety'' – I love mixing and joining styles together. Fashion is an area where I can really show myself. I always had an issue with fitting all my clothes in my closet. On the other hand I often modify and refresh my old clothes, that's why I keep all of them, I know that one day I will reuse them.

TH: Trends come and go in the fashion world just like any industry. What are some current trends that you see that you wish would just go away already?

Endżel: Yes, definitely the neon-bright colored trend. This one never got my attention really.

TH: If you could give one piece of advice to other girls out there in regards to fashion and style what would that be?

Endżel: It is important to create something out of nothing. The amount of moeny spent does not always come along with style.

TH: Besides fashion what is your biggest guilty pleasure?

Endżel: There is a second one for a few years now, it's dance

TH: What are the top 5 items you cannot leave the house without?

Endżel: Bag or backpack, wallet, mirror, lipstick and student ID.

TH: Any last words of wisdom or advice to the people out there?

Endżel: Fashion passes by, style remains

TH: Where can everyone find and follow you on social media?



angelaendzel.blogspot.com and IG @endzel_

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