#Outfitfromabove: @m_txu

Welcome to something we call #Outfitfromabove. The concept is very simple, have a fresh outfit? Snap the best shot of your fresh outfit from above... thats it! We will be having a daily feature both here on TODAYSHYPE as well as on the official #Outfitfromabove Instagram page here. Once you snap your best #Outfitfromabove make sure to tag it for a chance to be featured for the world to see. Also drop some details on the pieces in your #Outfitfromabove as well. No discrimination either as #Outfitfromabove is for both guys and gals.

Shout to @m_txu with this fresh shot of him rocking some classic Air Max 1's, worn denim, mesh top and a nice flannel. Make sure to give him a follow on Instagram directly here.

Follow the official #Outfitfromabove Instagram page here to stay up to date with all the latest features and best daily outfits.

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