TODAYSHYPE Spotlight: RPMWEST Premium Selvedge Denim

When it comes to premium denim there are literally hundreds of different options out there to choose from ranging from the super expensive all the way down to the cheapest of the bunch that still come in at the $200 range. There is however a gap in the market for something that is still held up to the high standards of the more expensive alternatives that can still come in around the $100 range. Thats exactly where RPMWEST comes in an straight up kills the game.

RPMWEST is a fairly new company that has made huge waves in the fashion word thanks to their ground breaking Kickstarter campaign that has more than exceeded their initial goal. Theres a reason for that huge number as well which you can see right away from looking at these amazing jeans.

We had the chance to get an advanced pair of their Slim Straight 13.5 oz Sanforized Selvedge Denim and let me tell you the experience more than exceeded out expectations. Not only is the cut and fit right on the money but what really puts the jeans over the top is the extreme attention to detail and amazing materials used throughout the jeans. That heavy 13.5 oz denim more than holds it own when compared to other big name brands out there that cost 2-3 times more and did we mention everything they make is cut and sewn in the USA?

We can try and convince you until we are blue in the face to go pre-order a pair from them now but nothing we say is going to get our point across better than some fresh visuals which is what you will get below. Make sure to go check RPMWEST out directly here on their official website as well as their direct Kickstarter page here. Hurry if you want to get a pre-order in before their Kickstarter closes in the next few days.


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