Viveltre: The Worlds Best Marshmallows

Ah the often loved but easily forgotten marshmallow. While we have all had one at some point either in some hot chocolate or in your favorite home made dessert, it is until now that someone has taken the marshmallow and completely redefined any preconceived notions we had of what a marshmallow could really be.

Viveltre is a new upstart that produces some of the most original sweets we have ran across. They make everything by hand on a daily basis and everything they do is all natural which is a nice touch. Some of their amazing flavors include Cookies & Cream Dream, Red Velvet, Bacon Sutra, Midnight Fantasy, Brown Sugar Cinnamon and even a Guiness beer version. The possibilities are literally endless of what they can do and the presentation of the marshmallow itself is enough to make you want to order a batch immediately.

Make sure to go hit their Kickstarter page directly here to help fund them in there last few days and also hit their official website here for more information and to contact them directly. Continue below for some up close views of these drool worthy mounds of marshmallow goodness.


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