Brand Feature: quietstorm xx

There may not be a more crowded and overly saturated market than the streetwear/menswear field. You have no idea how many different brands, labels and movements that are born and then die off day in day out. Every now and then you stumble upon a group of people doing it the right way and the you know it right away from just looking at a couple pieces.

That's where quietstorm xx comes in and fits the mold perfectly of what we are talking about. A clean cut, modern yet classic line which infuses timeless silhouettes with a hint of proper streetwear influence that works without effort. They already have several nice pieces from the current collection with what is sure to be much more to come in the near future releases.

If your looking for something a little more refined and classic make sure to check them out directly at their online store here and pick up some pieces. We already have several on our must have list and you should too.


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