Deadstock - The First Sneaker Themed Coffee Shop and Gallery

As a lover of sneakers there are a few common crutches we all lean on daily. On top of that that list besides sneakers and clothes could easily be coffee. There have been specialty art/coffee shops in the past but never has there been a coffee shop that has been specifically geared and themed towards the sneaker culture.

In comes Ian Williams and his crew with what he calls Deadstock. The project which is currently ongoing on Kickstarter here, is what he plans on being the worlds first sneaker themed full coffee shop and gallery. Half of the shop will be a full running coffee shop and the other half will be a gallery geared towards the sneaker culture with displays, open mic and just a great place for all sneaker lovers to gather on a regular basis and chill.

The idea is complete genius if you ask us and we are surprised this hasn't become reality sooner than now. Make sure to go support Ian and his crew by help funding their project directly on Kickstarter here so we can see this thing become a reality sooner than later. Continue below as well for video showcasing exactly what their future plans are.


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