Good, Better, Best. 3 Reasons To Check Out The 3 Stripes.

We are all guilty of brand loyalty for whatever reason whether it be influence from others around us or just getting too comfortable with one thing we know and love. I personally decided to step out of my Swoosh addiction for a little while and give the 3 stripes a chance with 3 of their latest and greatest releases in recent memory.

While I have of course had a few adidas classic sneakers at some point and time throughout the years (Superstar, Stan Smith, Samba) I never really gave them a true chance to win me over with any of their latest technology or releases for whatever reason. Like I said before we all get into a rut at some point and time with repetitive purchases denying ourselves the opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and try something different that may ultimately open up a whole catalog of options that never would have come your way previously.

The first and newest of the three shoes on my list was the SL Loop Runner. The shoe was birthed and highly influenced from the classic SL 72 which is the shoe that many Olympians from the 1972 games wore on the podium and throughout the events. The Sl Loop Runner takes several key design aspects of that shoe and uses them to perfection with a few little added updated tech thrown in making it a great mix of classic throwback and current technology.

The upper features a nice soft suede mixed with a textile material which stretches giving them that needed extra comfy appeal that is always welcome. The 3 stripes along the side of the shoe are really unique in the way they are shown with a peeled back look that is a first of its kind here. As a whole package together the SL Loop Runner gets the "Good" tag out of the three shoes here but in no means does that mean it's a slouch in any way trust me. I'm really looking forward to more colorways and materials as they become available in the near future for this shoe which will hopefully generate more buzz around the shoe and open peoples eyes.

Next up is probably the most popular out of the bunch at the moment the ZX Flux. Thanks to the super minimal upper and the ability to be printed directly on the material these have quickly become a standout for adidas even if you aren't keeping tabs on what adidas is doing. A lot of people will be quick to compare these to a Roshe Run just because at first glance they may have similar attributes here and there but once you get these in your hands and on your feet you an quickly tell they are a completly different animal.

The upper features a breathable one piece mesh construction with the black model shown but can completely change itself if your talking about a photo printed version which uses a similar one piece construction but switches the mesh for a smoother material which is able to take the unique printing process with ease. The TORSION infused midsole is more than comfy and much more solid feeling than when you compare it to something like a Roshe. A TPU heel cage gives you some needed support but still manages to stay lightweight with a slim and streamlined look. The ZX Flux may be the perfect mixture of a flexible, lightweight, striped down lifestyle shoe that is as timeless as it gets. If we had to give the ZX Flux a tag here it would be "Better" with it being the next step up from the SL Loop Runner before it.

Last but certanly not least is what could easily be considered the most comfortable and cushiony shoe I have ever stepped foot in. There are always accusations of a super comfortable or must have shoe when it makes the rounds but honestly the Pure Boost met every high expectation I had for the shoe and actually exceeded it in most instances. First and foremost the

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