SOLEHYPE - One on One with the biggest names in the sneaker world - INTERVIEW WITH Kenny G. @the_perfect_pair

TH: For anyone who may not be familiar with you can we get a quick intro?

KG: Kenny G, 37, San Manuel Tribal Citizen, Highland, CA

TH: One of the most important messages you have always tried to get out to the masses is to “Wear your Sneakers”. Even though that is something you live by what is one sneaker even you still cannot step foot in that’s in your vast collection?

KG: 1988 DS Air Jordan III

TH: You have one of the deepest and rarest Lebron collections out there. What are your early thoughts on the Lebron XII that has been seen recently?

KG: It looks okay, I haven't seen the shoe personally. So really don't judge them until I can put my hands on them. But from the pics I've seen, they look nice!

TH: What are your thoughts on the recent news that surfaced about Jordan Brand stepping their quality up in future releases?

KG: I'm all for it, A lot of people complain about the quality so this will shut them up.

TH: If you could give one piece of advice to the heads at Nike/Jordan about the way the sneaker game is now and what they should do to improve its state what would it be?

KG: Maybe tone down the color blocking. I've seen a lot of the neon colors being used for the base, it's not bad but simplicity works. Look at the AF1!

TH: There are plenty of iconic sneakers that always make everyone’s top 5 lists but what are a couple sneakers that people may have forgotten or slept on that you still hold in high regards?

KG: Air Jordan II... Just don't see people talking about them too often! That's "THE" Shoe! No swoosh, his logo only, great OG materials. And the Bin AJ II is the Best Jordan IMO!

 I know the Air Jordan III "Mocha" was a slept on shoe is still isn't the favorite for the masses, but that's another one for sure. I find it to be simple but very nice.

TH: Cement, Elephant, Safari, Patent Leather… There are many classic prints and materials that have graced some of the best sneakers in history. What is your personal favorite print/material that always gets you every time you see it and why?

KG: Patent Leather. Just shapes the shoe, point in case the Air Jordan XI. Without that patent leather it just wouldn't be the same! Patent leather is sexy haha.

TH: Besides sneakers what’s your next biggest guilty pleasure and why?

KG: I collect Memorabilia. It's a lot like the sneakers, it's a moment caught in time that you can see forever, the signatures just make even better!

TH: If you could give one piece of advice to all the other sneakerheads out there that look up to what would that be?

KG: First of all get an education, not just with sneakers, but in life. Be you, don't let anybody tell you can't. Lastly "seek respect not attention".

TH: For anyone is isn’t already, where can people find and follow you on social media?

KG: @the_perfect_pair on Instagram. That's the only social media i've ever had.. Thanks for the Opportunity!

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