The Hip-Hop Flow Chart: A Ranking of Rappers By Size of Vocabulary

Hip-Hop culture and its influence across so many of the platforms and things we interact with on the daily is so vast and important its only right to hang something like this on your wall. "The Hip-Hop Flow Chart" is a great minimally designed graphic which ranks some of the cultures most important figures by the size of their vocabulary.

The graphic features 100 detailed hand drawn illustrations of the MC's featured. The way they broke it down is they took the number of unique words used in each artist’s first 35,000 lyrics (roughly equal to 3-5 albums) and that's what determines the ranking here. The 24" x 18" piece is available for pre-order directly here. Better hurry though because these are sure to sell out fast, we already have our on order and a space ready for it when it comes in.

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